Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Forget Yourself and Go to Work!

Like the title says, thats how Ive felt this past week, a little. The CCM or mission is a lot of work. Literally, from 6:30 am (or earlier) till 10:30 pm (or later), we are going nonstop. They're 16 hour days. Even though its a lot, its actually not really boring, or hard, but very tiring. About 3 in the afternoon and 7pm is when it hits me the hardest. Sometimes I want nothing but to sleep right then and there. It's also very helpful to have the spirit throughout the day. 

As I may have said before, I know prayers are answered. There are millions of people around the world praying for the missionaries as well as angels above. And Ive truly felt them, Im constantly amazed how little homesick I am, which was my one concern before coming out here. Its extremely important as a missionary to forget yourself and go to work. Any kind of missionary work is the main reason why we are all here on earth, to invite others to come unto Christ. 

So far, Ive memorized the missionary purpose, Moroni 10:4 and 5, the baptismal invitation, and most of the first vision (just two verses) all in Spanish! Im also working on my third 4 to 5 minute talk in Spanish. The gift of tongues is real.

So after the temple trip, I was reminded of how crazy the drivers are here. They are TERRIBLE! Utah drivers are highly qualified for driving, I will never complain about American drivers again. Everything down here feels like fend for yourself attitude. As I look at everyone, all I see is much people, police, problems, unhappiness, lost, and poor. They all need the gospel so much. Its very eyeopening and humbling to see life Mexico. America is sooooooo much better! Also driving through the city can be scary, but I honestly feel very safe, I don't worry about safety because I know God is watching over me and he will protect me as long as I have exact obedience, and you just feel better doing it.
...willing to take upon them the name of thy Son...

One cool thing Ive notice and thought more about is the missionary tag. It is the highest honor to put this tag on every day. To be able to represent Jesus Christ and teach others about the gospel is amazing. I feel different when I put it on, and feel lost without it. Also, the temple trip was very nice and spiritual. I loved it!

As I look around at different companionships and districts, they are placed there specifically by God. They all fit each other very well, and work together. Im amazed at how perfectly placed the companions are, and missionaries are truly called to specific places.

The days are very long, but the weeks are starting to fly by, even though Ive only been here two weeks. Also, if anyone is thinking of sending me a package, don't do it until I'm out in the field, don't send any packages to the MTC, it takes too long to get here, and other reasons. But if you already did, I bet it would make it! 

But, you can easily send me a letter by emailing:, and they will print it out and put it in my mailbox, it takes like 2 days. Just put my name, and probably my district number:7A. I would love to get letters during the week besides p-day while in the mtc (may 16). Also, Ive played basketball like 11 times now, haha! Es muy importante! and I realized Im spending an eighth of a year just at the CCM!

Yesterday, our trio taught lessons for three different investigators right in a row. We taught them the same lesson, and I loved it. We are getting very good at teaching, much better than before, and our Spanish is coming right along. Ive learned so much more in these past two weeks. The spirit was present in each meeting. They are all from outside the walls of the CCM, and all were members. I could actually feel a sincere love for them each, they were super nice, and it was very helpful to teach more real people than our teachers.

FULL DISCLAIMER: Im sorry for the typing and words, I only have an hour each week to email, and the keyboard is hard to type on a little. 
Because of the lack of time, I can't respond to all the emails sometimes, but Im trying my best to respond ASAP. But do keep the emails coming, I really appreciate reading them. Im going to take pictures of them so I can take time to read them later!
Also, sorry if I repeat myself, its hard to remember what Ive said.

Pictures: Ready for Bball, Home Sweet Bunkbed (I'm the bottom-it's made mom!) Need better watch to deal with the humidity, Great Companions! In the right place!

Reminder: Don't take cheap Gym Shoes!

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  1. Dad's so excited to finally see your blog here! Wow, it looks like you get to work with some great Elders and Sisters! I'll bet it was fun going to the temple with them. The temple looks beautiful. You're looking really good and you look happy doing the great work that you're doing. Keep it up, and I can't wait for your next post!