Monday, August 29, 2016

FOURTH BAPTISM! Things Are Going Swell!

August 22, 2016
This week went swell. Normal, quick, and good. Most importantly, we had another baptism on Thursday, Fabiola, the daughter of Gabriella. Woohoo, now my fourth baptism. Things are movin' along. We have 26 people that are in our teaching, or enseƱanza. Some are progressing really fast, and others, not at all.

This past week, we talked to Jehovahs witnesses, who were sitting down on a bench in the garden, passing out pamphlets. We talked with them for almost 2 hours. Crazy things they believe is, God doesn't have a body, there are only 144000 people who will be saved in the heavens, there are no prophets today, and families are not forever. Wow, we shared a lot, asked a lot, and talked a lot. Many people saw us talking, and I can only guess what they were thinking, haha. But it was a cool experience, a little strong at times, but nothing harmful.

I'm realizing more of the need to WORK! I'm developing the need or desire to work, serve, help others more because we NEED to, not just because its a mission rule. Its not like I never wanted to work, but that its more sincere, more clear, better understood the need. We can all, always develop stronger wills, habits, personalities, etc. The Gospel is amazing, and helps us in every aspect. We truly are preparing to Meet and live with God and our Families FOREVER!

One cool experience I had was when we taught Martin, and Martina. They're living together, he's 29, and she's 48, and they have problems with the word of wisdom. We were teaching them about prayer and Joseph Smith, I spoke a lot, and I felt the spirit so strong there. I teared up as I shared experiences, scriptures, etc. 

That day in specific, I thought earlier, If God already knows everything, and whats going to happen in the world, why do we need to pray to him and ask for help or blessings when he already knows whats going to happen? I prayed for help, and right in my prayer, I realized that we pray to SHOW OUR FAITH. To obey His commandments, and be faithful to Him. That was a pretty cool experience!

Its great to be a missionary here in Mexico. I see a lot of people in really hard situations. People without legs, or arms, riding bikes, living in rotten houses made out of complete cement or brick. Many people with many struggles. But yet, they continue to go through life with a smile on their face, and to help others. How humbling for me, and many others. Ive got life so easy, its the least we can do to serve others. That's how the gospel is set up.

Hope y'all have another fantastic week! Love and miss y'all bunches, haha!

Pictures: Baptism of Fabiola, Big Mexico flag my comp bought, and little Mex flag I bought, etc


Elder Russon

Monday, August 15, 2016

Third Baptism!

So, last Thursday, I baptized Gabriella, 37. And it was GREAT! I felt wonderful, and she did too. The next day, we visited her, and I noticed her eyes were much clearer, and brighter. She told us that she felt, "Perfectamente bien'' - haha! Then, yesterday, Silva confirmed the Holy Ghost upon her. We also had about 4 investigators come to church yesterday. The most we've had is 7, pretty cool. But we had less actives come that haven't come for the past 4 months, and finally, we got them to come this time, woo-hoo!

I continue to learn a lot daily. The mission, language, doctrine, teaching, helping, Christ Like Attributes, etc. I'm growing little by little in SO MANY WAYS! I'm now coming up on 5 months, but who's counting, haha!

Today, we played futbol as a zone in an indoor court. It was pretty cool and fun. I play pretty good defense, but I can't control the ball super well. I'm learning though, and learning to like it more. But...IF ONLY THERE WAS A BASKETBALL COURT...! -haha.

This past week, I've really noticed, that a ton of people think, that all churches are good, and that we're all going to the same place, same God, and we don't need to do anymore. Many like to listen to us because they think we simply share the word of God, but really, were inviting them to completely change their lives for the better, be baptized, and come closer to Christ. But, many people, investigators, contacts, members, and random people on the street respect us a lot. They say, God bless you. And they tell us, that their house is our house whenever we want. They're pretty awesome like that, humble, open, and welcoming. 

A few or many times, we've walked through, past, or by cholos (gang members). And I KNOW that God watches over and protects us as His representatives. Especially being me as an American, dressed in a white shirt and tie, walking really poor dirt streets, its a miracle we aren't robbed every minute, haha. But todo estabien. Dont worry. Its a great life!

So this past week, I also saw a video from the church, called two brothers two. Check it out, its a story over 5000 days of two brothers growing up, and its really cool to watch. Here's the link, 


PS. Several members are watching the Olympics here, so I've seen some, Michael Phelps, and some bball, and some gymnastics, pretty cool and amazing, haha!
Elder Russon

Monday, August 8, 2016

4 MoNtHs!!!...Woot, woot, woot! Haha FOUR MONTHS!!!

Wow, what a week! Last Saturday I completed four months. Can't explain enough how fast the time flies. Tuesday, we met our new district and zone. I love my new zone and district leader. Both Americans as last time, but I like them better than the others, haha. We have a nice district this change. 

On Saturday, Silva and I helped paint a members new house they moved into. We painted in our white shirts and ties, and I was super careful not to get any paint on me, but I got a few spots, not to worry though!

This past week, I've been realizing more the need to first seek the word of God, and then teach it unto the people. I wished I would've studied the doctrine of the gospel more before the mission. All the doctrine, fasting, tithing, praying, church, etc, etc, etc. But I'm learning a lot more as the time goes; lessons, language, doctrine, etc. 

One thing that were struggling with a lot is our investigators and their work. They want to attend church, but they all work, all the days, several hours. It's so hard to visit some people because of their work and they can't attend church, which is really important because in order for someone to be baptized, they need to have 5 assistance's to the church. 

Also, I really love attending church. Its great to be surrounded by solely members, and to chat with them, super cool. Church is awesome! 

My study area
A scripture I want to share with y'all is chapter 3 of 2 Nephi. Talks about the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, through Joseph Smith. How it truly was revelation about the BOM. God has His hand in everything, and the Gospel is True! But, also, we won't see or feel anything unless we put actual faith in the gospel. If we have any doubts, were not going to receive any answers. 

I believe it's the on going question if the church is true or not, but just look back on the times you felt the spirit in your life. We CAN NOT DENY the Holy Ghost, or the feelings we've felt from the church, it's impossible. Satan is super clever and is very deceptive, tries to wash away our memories. But we know its true, and faith is something hard to have, but very necessary in order to know the truth. But if anything, I TESTIFY TO YOU ALL THAT THE CHURCH IS TRUE! I KNOW IT.

This new week, were planning on another baptism for this Thursday, my third baptism! Woo Hoo!
So these legit fotos that I have, let me explain, 'cuz I never usually explain them, haha. One is when I FINALLY solved my rubix cube (just this morning,) such an accomplishment, I felt great. Another is a cool table top pool table I bought today in Tiangis for 25 pesos, pretty cheap (he bartered for it - end value about $1.35) The others are me and my comp with some sweet hats. Silva says I look like a Jehovah's witness, but were allowed to wear them while we proselyte because of the sun, it helps. So far I've worn it two days!

Anyways, have a great week y'all, enjoy all the blessings and trials that you receive from the Lord, because that's the whole purpose of why were here on earth, and we forget that sometimes.


Elder Russon
Wearing a Member's Fedora

Barter time! Got it for 25 Pesos (about $1.35)
Our new hats!

2 more photos!

Picture of us helping a member paint, and a collage my stake president made for me, pretty cool!


Elder Russon

Thursday, August 4, 2016

August 1, 2016
This past week has been good. Ya know, Mondays really roll around a lot faster than I expect, isn't it great! First off, I want to share two videos I saw this past week! The first is called Lift - about a ward who serves a fellow ward member and the struggles, its SUPER GOOD! The second is about SUICIDE, a different perspective and thoughts. Also, REALLY GOOD! Enjoy both of them, they're both from the church!

Also, something very important this past week is...another Baptism! Woo-hoo, this is my second! And that's great for how little time I have. I know another Elder who has 14 months, and only has 5 baptisms, but that's pretty low. The average here is probably about 18 per Elder for 2 years. Anyways, his name is Moises, 9 years old, and a funny, typical 9 year old. I confirmed the Holy Ghost to him yesterday in church.  (Pictures of Moises are in previous post)

Also, yesterday in church, I met a guy that is studying in BYU right now, hes just visiting his family here. I was able to chat with him in English for a while and take a picture with him, hes super cool. 

I have a question for y'all. As missionaries, we walk, and walk, and walk, and walk, and walk, and walk. So, do any of you know any great walking games to do? Whether with one person or my comp as well? Sometimes its rather boring to walk, haha, but I sure appreciate cars A LOT! Haha

Like my new hat?!? We can wear these to help with the heat while we're walking.
Today, I finally finished my training! Its 12 weeks of training in the mission, but I actually only had 11, because of weird timing of changes here. Anyways, I'm done, woohoo! Also, as the title says, changes are today. But my comp and I are staying here in Cortazar for another 6 weeks, it'll be good. Were actually hoping for 3 more baptisms! WooHoo!

Things are going well, the time is going fast, and I continue to learn a lot. This Saturday Ill have 4 months on the mission!!! WOOOOO-HOOOOOO! haha! Have a great upcoming week, until next Monday!
Elder Russon 

Monday, August 1, 2016

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Pics from the baptism!


Elder Russon

You know... Missionaries Try to think of Great Titles for their weekly letters, and so do I, so here goes this one...HAHA!

July 25, 2016
Pioneer Day Goodies from home!
This was another good and fast week. I almost have four months, woohoo! Twice this week, I battled cockroaches in the shower. The first time I grabbed my towel, and one fell out of my towel on the ground and ran under the door, needless to say, wow, really eehhhhh!!! The other was already on the ground running when I walked in, and I took care of it with a broom, and then dropped him off the third floor of our house, ha-ha! There pretty big actually, close to 2 inches, and their fast.

Anywho, I read from Moroni this past week, and wanted to share two verses with y'all!

Moroni 7:8-9

8 "For behold, if a man being evil giveth a gift, he doeth it grudgingly; wherefore it is counted unto him the same as if he had retained the gift; wherefore he is counted evil before God.

 9 "And likewise also is it counted evil unto a man, if he shall pray and not with real intent of heart; yea, and it profiteth him nothing, for God receiveth none such."

Just a simple thought, that wow, its worse to give a gift with a grudge, than to give nothing. Always give gifts, with full heart intention to benefit someone else. Always give your best effort to help someone else. the rest of this chapter is also really good, and I challenge each one of you to read it!

Last Friday, Elder Silva had his other wisdom tooth taken out, and it really hurt. So we were home all day Friday, most of Saturday, and some Sunday as well. He slept a lot, and I studied, and organized things, it was great! This morning he feels better, hopefully all is well! 

I'm slowly starting to enjoy all from the mission. It's hard, especially the beginning, because everything is so different, and all you can think is yo'ull be doing that for two entire years! But right now, I only have 85 weeks left, and that really isn't a whole lot, but who's counting, right?! ha-ha.

Something I enjoy a lot as a missionary is going to church, what a privilege! I love visiting with all the members, they're fun and cool people. We always teach the gospel principles class, and this time we taught about the spirit world, and as I taught, I learned more, it was great. It's cool how people are called to teach or give talks on certain topics because they are the ones who really learn the most. The Lord works in mysterious ways!

Not much cool, different, or super overwhelmingly exciting happened this week, but it was nice. I really enjoyed my extra extra study time. Hope y'all have a fantastic week to come, and until next Monday!

PS - Happy Pioneer Day!