Monday, August 15, 2016

Third Baptism!

So, last Thursday, I baptized Gabriella, 37. And it was GREAT! I felt wonderful, and she did too. The next day, we visited her, and I noticed her eyes were much clearer, and brighter. She told us that she felt, "Perfectamente bien'' - haha! Then, yesterday, Silva confirmed the Holy Ghost upon her. We also had about 4 investigators come to church yesterday. The most we've had is 7, pretty cool. But we had less actives come that haven't come for the past 4 months, and finally, we got them to come this time, woo-hoo!

I continue to learn a lot daily. The mission, language, doctrine, teaching, helping, Christ Like Attributes, etc. I'm growing little by little in SO MANY WAYS! I'm now coming up on 5 months, but who's counting, haha!

Today, we played futbol as a zone in an indoor court. It was pretty cool and fun. I play pretty good defense, but I can't control the ball super well. I'm learning though, and learning to like it more. But...IF ONLY THERE WAS A BASKETBALL COURT...! -haha.

This past week, I've really noticed, that a ton of people think, that all churches are good, and that we're all going to the same place, same God, and we don't need to do anymore. Many like to listen to us because they think we simply share the word of God, but really, were inviting them to completely change their lives for the better, be baptized, and come closer to Christ. But, many people, investigators, contacts, members, and random people on the street respect us a lot. They say, God bless you. And they tell us, that their house is our house whenever we want. They're pretty awesome like that, humble, open, and welcoming. 

A few or many times, we've walked through, past, or by cholos (gang members). And I KNOW that God watches over and protects us as His representatives. Especially being me as an American, dressed in a white shirt and tie, walking really poor dirt streets, its a miracle we aren't robbed every minute, haha. But todo estabien. Dont worry. Its a great life!

So this past week, I also saw a video from the church, called two brothers two. Check it out, its a story over 5000 days of two brothers growing up, and its really cool to watch. Here's the link, 


PS. Several members are watching the Olympics here, so I've seen some, Michael Phelps, and some bball, and some gymnastics, pretty cool and amazing, haha!
Elder Russon

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  1. That is so neat about baptizing Gabriella! Keep finding these great people!