Monday, August 8, 2016

4 MoNtHs!!!...Woot, woot, woot! Haha FOUR MONTHS!!!

Wow, what a week! Last Saturday I completed four months. Can't explain enough how fast the time flies. Tuesday, we met our new district and zone. I love my new zone and district leader. Both Americans as last time, but I like them better than the others, haha. We have a nice district this change. 

On Saturday, Silva and I helped paint a members new house they moved into. We painted in our white shirts and ties, and I was super careful not to get any paint on me, but I got a few spots, not to worry though!

This past week, I've been realizing more the need to first seek the word of God, and then teach it unto the people. I wished I would've studied the doctrine of the gospel more before the mission. All the doctrine, fasting, tithing, praying, church, etc, etc, etc. But I'm learning a lot more as the time goes; lessons, language, doctrine, etc. 

One thing that were struggling with a lot is our investigators and their work. They want to attend church, but they all work, all the days, several hours. It's so hard to visit some people because of their work and they can't attend church, which is really important because in order for someone to be baptized, they need to have 5 assistance's to the church. 

Also, I really love attending church. Its great to be surrounded by solely members, and to chat with them, super cool. Church is awesome! 

My study area
A scripture I want to share with y'all is chapter 3 of 2 Nephi. Talks about the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, through Joseph Smith. How it truly was revelation about the BOM. God has His hand in everything, and the Gospel is True! But, also, we won't see or feel anything unless we put actual faith in the gospel. If we have any doubts, were not going to receive any answers. 

I believe it's the on going question if the church is true or not, but just look back on the times you felt the spirit in your life. We CAN NOT DENY the Holy Ghost, or the feelings we've felt from the church, it's impossible. Satan is super clever and is very deceptive, tries to wash away our memories. But we know its true, and faith is something hard to have, but very necessary in order to know the truth. But if anything, I TESTIFY TO YOU ALL THAT THE CHURCH IS TRUE! I KNOW IT.

This new week, were planning on another baptism for this Thursday, my third baptism! Woo Hoo!
So these legit fotos that I have, let me explain, 'cuz I never usually explain them, haha. One is when I FINALLY solved my rubix cube (just this morning,) such an accomplishment, I felt great. Another is a cool table top pool table I bought today in Tiangis for 25 pesos, pretty cheap (he bartered for it - end value about $1.35) The others are me and my comp with some sweet hats. Silva says I look like a Jehovah's witness, but were allowed to wear them while we proselyte because of the sun, it helps. So far I've worn it two days!

Anyways, have a great week y'all, enjoy all the blessings and trials that you receive from the Lord, because that's the whole purpose of why were here on earth, and we forget that sometimes.


Elder Russon
Wearing a Member's Fedora

Barter time! Got it for 25 Pesos (about $1.35)
Our new hats!

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  1. You solved the rubix cube – great job! I also really like your study area!