Monday, January 15, 2018

Happy Days!

January 15, 2018

Happy days!

Things are going very well, and once again, this transfer is almost over, just 2 more weeks, and then my last transfer, crazy how time flies. But, I’m enjoying the mission a lot and I’m still learning new things that’ll help me for the rest of my life. The mission just prepares you so much.

This past week I was able to notice a little more potential from the investigators we have that we are teaching. They’re a little slow in accepting commitments, but we’re working with them so they can at least come to church. We’re excited to help them progress along.

We were lucky to see President Monson’s funeral live. I really liked the talks they gave, and I fully support all the church leaders. I especially loved to see the quorum of the 12 with President Eyring and Uchtdorf all standing together when President Monson left the conference center at the end. He was a great man, very good leader. I know this is the Church of Jesus Christ.


Elder Russon


Happy New Year!

January 1, 2018

Hey, Happy New Year!!! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays. This week we found a few new investigators, some of them are old investigators that we're almost ready to be baptized this last year in April. So we're hoping that we can baptize them soon because of these their time now.  Honestly right now we don't have much time to write very much, but the week went by really fast and was really fun. There's lots of work to do and right now we're just planning and hoping and praying for finding investigators to be able to have someone to baptize here soon.  Love you guys million and hope you can work on accomplishing  your New Year's resolutions - Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!!! Wuuujuu!

December 25, 2017

So...Feliz navidad,,, dadada,, Feliz navidad! 

We had a nice week, we worked hard, played bball 3 times for exercise last week and found 2 new investigators! One is a carpenter and we gave him a Book of Mormon! 

Today we had the ward xmas party with the entire mission, 145 missionaries and it turned out well! Tons of things have been going on.

Anyways, we're giving out a bunch of cards of ilumina el mundo. Which is why we're all here, God wants us to be happy! And xmas is the best time of year to get out and serve others, to light the world!!! Christ is the reason for the season, and "it's the most wonderful time of the year"!!!

I wish you all a merry xmas and hope all is well for you!!!


Elder Russon

Merry Christmas!

December 18, 2017
Its almost Christmas...just one week!

So we had changes, and now I'm in Hidalgo for my last 2 changes. Things are flying by real fast, especially today, lots of changes and trainings going on. But I'm real excited for everything, the mission is going great!

My new companion is Elder Molina from Arizona, he's a great missionary, we've got lots of work ahead of us!

Things are all going well, I'm feeling the spirit of Christmas now. This last Friday we had a xmas caroling activity with our zone in the alameda. We sang all the xmas songs in the hymn book, with Christmas hats and it went real well! 

Anyways, wherever you all are, I wish you a very Merry Christmas!!! Be safe in your travels!


Elder Russon

A Full Week

December 11, 2017

This week we had our Ward missionary activity as a Ward family night. About 50 people came with about 5-7 investigators. We started out with a spiritual message-movie on the family, and then we went to the minute to win it games hosted by the members. It was great for everyone to get along and get to know each other better.
Then on Thursday we had our zone conference with President. At the end there was time left over and he asked all of us to share our testimonies, it honestly turned out to be the best zone conference I've ever had. Also, my interview afterwards went really well.

Friday night we had our Ward Christmas party which about 8 non members came and 2 of our investigators participated in the talent show. They both sang and one played the guitar, Mario and Alexis, super awesome!
Yesterday I gave a talk on Faith unto Repentance and it also went well. I'm able to see how I'm using my faith more in God and how He helps and blesses me. I rely a lot on my study of the Book of Mormon, it's a great backup support, super essential that we study it daily!


Elder Russon

Monday, December 11, 2017

English Classes!

Lazer tag for P-day!
December 4, 2017 

So this was the first time I've ever given English clases, and it was great! From the Tianguis that we've been doing, we had 15-20 people show up for the class all on time at 6. I was pretty happy about that, and I gave the class for about an hour. We practiced and learned the alphabet in English. I also told them a little bit about me and how I learned Spanish, and what we do as missionaries.

They were all interested, and I let them know that the clases are totally focused on English, but if they want to learn more about our beliefs, they can stay after to listen. So we had a lesson with one guy all in English about what we do as missionaries, and he was real interested. Also, some other people stayed after for a Ward Christmas party that was going on. So it turned out to be a success!

They all thanked us for helping out, and I'm excited to take it even further. It's a great way to find new investigators.
We were also able to watch the Worldwide Christmas Devotional yesterday with some members, and it was great. Now I can say I'm in the Christmas spirit. Hope you all have a great holiday season, with some great snow!

Elder Russon

News Update

November 27, 2017

We did the Tianguis again this last week and it worked out much better. We arrived earlier for a better spot, and from 1198 contacts, we had almost a hundred people sign up for English classes! I love doing Tianguis, I contacted 200 people, but another Elder beat me. Elder Raven (new Elder) contacted 285 people by himself!

This week I'd like to share about service. I've really been able to notice a difference between people who worry about themselves, and those who worry about others. It's very obvious that those who are more worried about others always have a smile on their faces, and are well better off. But those who are only worried for themselves seem to have more challenges in life.

It's when we sacrifice and serve others that make us so much happier. Every time I see or hear of someone sacrificing for the good, it fills my heart full of joy and I want to encourage them to keep going! I hope we can all reflect a little on our own lives and see where we can improve, we can all help out a little more!

Elder Russon