Monday, October 24, 2016

Baptism!!! Another New Member in the Church!

October 17, 2016
Last Thursday, I had the privilege to baptize Santiago, who is just a real Faithful guy. The water was cold, Because we couldn't get the boiler running, but we really didn't even think or notice so much of how cold the water was. But we couldn't believe how fast the ordinance was. We did it right the first time, without any repeats. I made sure to push him enough under the water. It was all great, every baptism just fills my soul with joy. 

You could really see that Santiago was happy, its been real awesome to know him, and watch his progress. After, we gave him a white shirt and tie that he wore to church on Sunday, hes really grateful for us. Something cool as well is that his son Carlos, wife, and 2 kids came to church yesterday for one hour, and they enjoyed it. I think they felt something different there. Santiago was really glad to see his son there, and hopefully we can start teaching them!

So we went to visit an investigator who is having some problems in his business. When we arrived, he saw me, and said, ''There's the man with the Eternal Smile''! We both smiled even more and began chatting with him. A smile really does go a long way.

Here in Cortazar, we're in need of new investigators. We tried an idea the bishop mentioned. To stand in front of the chapel, and invite people passing by to show them the chapel, baptismal font, and explain what we do there. He said they would even invite people to be baptized right then and there. So we tried it yesterday, but not many people were walking by, so I was only able to talk to one lady, but she wasn't interested. I think I actually frightened her by not gaining her trust in me first. Two strangers asking someone immediately to come inside to a building they've never entered takes a little trust, haha. But well probably try it again another day when there's more people passing by. 

Alrighty, so here's some photos! 
One is of Santiago and his baptism, another of the shirt and tie we gifted him, another of a speaker I bought for my USB to finally be able to listen to the latest general conference (including women's session!, haha), another of some fireworks they did here outside the house two nights in a row, and the last one about my planner that I've used this change, I put the two pictures as covers.

I'm still learning a ton of things, and the mission is great, because it's hard. But the time is flying, and I'm changing more than I can realize. This is the last week of the change, so transfers are this Sunday. Anyways, have a solid week this week!!!


Elder Russon

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Another Rapid Week in the Mission Field! (Ya paso una otra semana en el campo misional!)

October 10, 2016
Man, the days are so short, they happen so fast. But I'm seeing more the reality of life, and when you have more responsibilities, the faster the time goes. Because you're always thinking about something, or the next thing, and you don't have any time to think about time. This week was a nice week, we're working real well with the members.

This Thursday, we're going to have a baptism for Santiago, woohoo! Santiago is the ideal investigator, a really faithful guy. First of all, he found us, has listened and accepted every doctrine we've taught, and has been faithful to every invitation we've extended. He also quit his job for another job so he could come to church on Sundays. And, this last Sunday, he paid his tithing! So I'm pumped to see him baptized, he's a great example to me and so many others. He inspires me, just seeing how hard and rough his life has been, and how he continues to press forward faithfully, with a smile!

So...hey, after being a man of more than six months, I can say the mission is  pretty great!...because it's challenging. I made a motto for the mission that's real helpful. Be Dedicated, Disciplined, and a Disciple (of Jesus Christ). The 3 D's of the mission. I read a quote from Gordon B. Hinckley that says, ''if you serve a dedicated, faithful mission, you will be better husbands, better parents, better students, and better workers.'' And wow!...ain't that True!!! I'm always trying to give my all and progress. I can already see so many blessings from the mission in my life. The missionary work is going well down here in Mexico, and before I know it, I'll be back in Utah to do some more work up there! Hope all is well, and that y'all have a great week!

Sorry, I didn't really take any new cool photos this week. But I cut my hair (every 3 weeks, I cut my own hair, for free), and here's some photos from G. C., last week!


Elder Russon


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

General Conference 2016!

Wow, what a sweet, wonderful general conference this weekend! I was able to watch it all in English with a member who is from the US, but lives here. My comp also watched 2 sessions with me in English, but he only understood about 30%, thinking he would understand a whole lot more. I took notes on every speaker. They were very direct in their talks. They mentioned a lot about prayer and repentance.
I've been thinking about conference, and how simple the truths are that they share. The gospel is not complicated, it's real easy. The hard, but very important part of life is agency. The leaders of the church teach us basic principles of what we need to do to live the gospel. Now it's a matter of choice to act and follow the counsel they give us. The gospel is so perfect.
Things here in Cortazar continue going well. We're working hard and well with the members and investigators. This past week, I hit a record of 10 lessons taught with a member present. which is very important for greater retention of investigators in the church. I'm developing great relationships with the people of Cortazar, and it'll be hard to leave.
This Thursday, I complete 6 months, wowisimo! Already a fourth of the way done, the time just flies. Really , the answer for anything hard on the mission is work! Forget yourself and Go To Work - said someone really amazing. Don't take anything for granted in the gospel, as Pres. Dieter F Uchtdorf said. Especially your families, the temple, and general conference. I hope y'all have an incredible upcoming week.

Elder Russon