Tuesday, October 4, 2016

General Conference 2016!

Wow, what a sweet, wonderful general conference this weekend! I was able to watch it all in English with a member who is from the US, but lives here. My comp also watched 2 sessions with me in English, but he only understood about 30%, thinking he would understand a whole lot more. I took notes on every speaker. They were very direct in their talks. They mentioned a lot about prayer and repentance.
I've been thinking about conference, and how simple the truths are that they share. The gospel is not complicated, it's real easy. The hard, but very important part of life is agency. The leaders of the church teach us basic principles of what we need to do to live the gospel. Now it's a matter of choice to act and follow the counsel they give us. The gospel is so perfect.
Things here in Cortazar continue going well. We're working hard and well with the members and investigators. This past week, I hit a record of 10 lessons taught with a member present. which is very important for greater retention of investigators in the church. I'm developing great relationships with the people of Cortazar, and it'll be hard to leave.
This Thursday, I complete 6 months, wowisimo! Already a fourth of the way done, the time just flies. Really , the answer for anything hard on the mission is work! Forget yourself and Go To Work - said someone really amazing. Don't take anything for granted in the gospel, as Pres. Dieter F Uchtdorf said. Especially your families, the temple, and general conference. I hope y'all have an incredible upcoming week.

Elder Russon

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  1. General Conference was great! The talks are always so full of wisdom and help to keep us on the right path.