Sunday, December 18, 2016

Who Let the Dogs Out?!?!...Who, Who, Who?!

December 12, 2016

Ignore the title, just an advertising song we've been hearing in the streets every now and then...haha!

So...Less than 2 weeks til Christmas, I can hardly believe it! Honestly, I don't feel any different, I don't feel any part of Chirstmas happening soon, super weird.

One thing I'm really starting to notice is how confused the people really are. Satan has the people so confused, that they don't even know what they believe in. Almost every time I ask  them a question about their religion, they never answer my question. They always divert the question and respond with something else  random. And its hard to find a true catholic, the majority are just following traditions of their ancestors, and its real hard to change their way of life. Which its understanding, but sad to know there is something better in life for them. On the other hand, I am meeting people who are being prepared by God to listen to the gospel. Not everyone is ready receive the message of the restored gospel.

Anyway, this week, we'll be having a baptism of Jonathan on Thursday at 6pm, you're all invited, haha! Jonathan is great, he's 15, happy, and wants to follow Jesus Christ. Its been great to see his progress and teach him, I'm excited for his baptism!

Elder Macias and I are working great here in Cortazar. We're learning and experiencing lots of cool things. The church is true, and the more I study and pray, the stronger and clearer my testimony develops!

Have a great week! And enjoy the Holiday Festivities!


Elder Russon

Macia and I Stay A Second Round

December 5, 2016
So we had changes, ''transfers'', yesterday, but nothing changed for us. We're both staying for another change here in Cortazar. We're both really excited for this new change. We have some new goals we want to achieve this change. We get along very well, and we're united in the missionary work. Here, we'll pass Christmas and New years, woohoo!!! - My first Christmas in Mexico!

This month, we'll be having a baptism of Jonathan on the 15th of December! Other than him, we have a few other getting ready for baptism. The next one will be the 5th of January, Carlos, I'm excited. 

Right now, we have 10-15 investigators, which is a little low, but we keep on trying to find new investigators. All I can say is its hard work. Several times we're just walking the streets trying to contact people. 

From what I've seen, its 1 out of every 4 people that will give you an address or phone number. Of those 1 out of 4, 3-5 out of 50 turn out to become investigators. So it takes a ton of contacting to find new people. That's where the work of the members really comes in, but not many members really know or understand. 

All is going well, we keep learning new things, have a SOLID week!


Elder Russon

Monday, December 5, 2016


Lo siento, se me olvido a decirles que...we watched the Christmas Devotional LIVE last night in the chapel with about 20 members. It was great, I encourage all who didnt watch watch it! Always a blessing to listen to the prophets.

And wow, were starting to find investigators who are rather smart. One, who we found in a corner library, actually a reference from a member, is a wizard. Almost a second Einstein, mas o menos. But it really helps us to strengthen our testimony and knowledge of what were teaching, to an even higher level!


Elder Russon