Monday, December 5, 2016

Macia and I Stay A Second Round

So we had changes, ''transfers'', yesterday, but nothing changed for us. We're both staying for another change here in Cortazar. We're both really excited for this new change. We have some new goals we want to achieve this change. We get along very well, and we're united in the missionary work. Here, we'll pass Christmas and New years, woohoo!!! - My first Christmas in Mexico!

This month, we'll be having a baptism of Jonathan on the 15th of December! Other than him, we have a few other getting ready for baptism. The next one will be the 5th of January, Carlos, I'm excited. 

Right now, we have 10-15 investigators, which is a little low, but we keep on trying to find new investigators. All I can say is its hard work. Several times we're just walking the streets trying to contact people. 

From what I've seen, its 1 out of every 4 people that will give you an address or phone number. Of those 1 out of 4, 3-5 out of 50 turn out to become investigators. So it takes a ton of contacting to find new people. That's where the work of the members really comes in, but not many members really know or understand. 

All is going well, we keep learning new things, have a SOLID week!


Elder Russon

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  1. What a great comnpanion Elder Macias is. I'm glad you'll be together longer!