Monday, September 25, 2017

You Never Know!

September 18, 2017

On Friday, we were looking for new investigators from the previous contacts we had done while contacting more people. We left a privada when I saw a lady carrying her 6 month old daughter. I had the thought to contact her like we always do with every single person, because we're supposed to talk with everyone. So I did, and it turns out she was interested and said we could come back in a few hours. So we ate lunch, and went back to visit her and started talking about God, to understand her religious background a bit. We shared all of lesson 1, the Restoration which she understood very well and was in agreement. We asked if she would pray and ask God if this is true, and she said, “No, I already know it is!” So we put an appointment for next week, and committed to come to church next Sunday!

We also had our zone conference and interviews with President this week which went very well. During the conference I just felt so motivated to baptize. President spoke about Joseph Smith and the Restoration, and told us about 20 times distinctly that He knows without a single doubt that this is true, that this is the church of Jesus Christ. I add my testimony that I know this church is true, and that it is led by Prophets and Apostles who receive direct revelation from Jesus Christ!

We just had a miracle happen. We were returning to the area when our investigator Madec called us, explaining that she is ready to be baptized this Saturday because her Mom is coming to see her! Together with her, we are expecting Alex, and possibly Manuel to be baptized the same day! Its a big testimony to me that after lots of work and patience, the miracles come. We are expecting 3 miracle baptisms this weekend!


Elder Russon


Tuesday, September 12, 2017


September 11, 2017

We have an investigator named Manuel who is very faithful and inspires me a lot. We found him the first week of this change, and he has fulfilled every commitment or invitation we extend to him. Up to a point that makes me want to be more faithful. Yesterday, after working a 24 hour shift that ended on Sunday morning at 10, he came to church 3 hours later at 1! He tells us that he's more motivated in his life and happier. He inspires me. I know one day he'll get baptized, but right now, he needs to get married first.

This week we did 2 splits with the elders in Villas and Jurica, which went very well. They´re a bit newer, one has 3 weeks and the other has 6 months in the misiĆ³n field. But they're both great elders. With both of them, we contacted and invited people on the street to baptism, which is awesome!

Also, we had a tender mercy last week. We received a reference from missionaries in Utah, who taught the restoration to a non member on temple square, invited her to baptism, and she accepted! They told us she is a very good lady, excited to be baptized. So we have our first appointment with her tomorrow, I´m excited for that!!!


Elder Russon
P.S. Many have been concerned, but Scott's area didn't feel the earthquake last Thursday. But please continue to pray for Elders and Members in the Chiapas and Oaxaca area who are continuing to have many strong aftershocks.

Bringing Salvation to All Men

September 4, 2017

On Wednesday, we met with Laura in the chapel, a new investigator with a member to accompany us. My companion began the lesson getting to know her a bit and talking about God´s plan for us. Then I started teaching about when we all lived with God as His spirit children in Heaven, and how we all understood and accepted His plan before coming to earth. She stared at me in a look of awe. She interrupted and said sorry, but I feel a strong strange feeling in my chest that just fills me. The spirit immediately came over all of us.

After teaching the Plan of Salvation so many times, I understand more clearly God´s love for each of us as His family. I explained to her that it was the Holy Ghost she was feeling testifying to her of these things. She told us she´s gone to many churches before, but that something was always pulling her to come here, and she feels something special every time.

It was a great experience. We also invited her to baptism at the end which she accepted. She said that when I began speaking, it was as if my words struck her, or that they were the words she needed to here. In the moment, I remembered Elder Eyring´s last conference talk in Priesthood session when he asks ¨would anyone use the phrase ´ministering of angels´to describe my priesthood service?¨ I related myself with that in the moment. Christ´s church is upon the earth with God´s restored Priesthood. We are His servants here to bring the salvation unto all men. I testify that this is true, that God always knows the best way, and that He has a plan for all of us!


Elder Russon


Good Week Woohoo!

August 28, 2017
This week went pretty well! We had a lesson after writing home last Monday with some new investigators who have been previously to church. We invited them to be baptized for September 23, which they accepted, but they didn't make it to church yesterday. It is a little hard though, because its about an hour bus ride, the chapel right now is far away, because the one we usually attend is being remodeled, but it's all good. We had 3 investigators in church yesterday.

On Tuesday, we had divisions with the assistants, and it went VERY well. Elder Marshall came with me to Pradera for 24 hours. We ate with released Temple Presidents of Tuxla Gutierrez. We ate very well, and we had a very spiritual message with them. Normally we share a scripture with the families after eating, but I had the thought to have each one of us share our testimonies. Both of theirs were very powerful, I got a couple tears in my eyes. But the divisions went super well, we felt the spirit, we contacted 50 people, worked hard and enjoyed ourselves!

The area is progressing. I'm sure we're going to baptize this change, we've got 4 more weeks, and we're going to focus a bit more on the investigators we have right now. We have one that we found the first week, Juan Manuel. He's progressing very well, and he came with us to church yesterday, all ready! And he absolutely loved it. It honestly fills my soul up with so much joy. Being able to preach the gospel to my very own brothers and sisters and see their progress is so pleasing.

I love you all and truly hope you have a wonderful week!!! EXITO!!!


Elder Russon