Sunday, August 27, 2017

First Week in Padera

August 21, 2017
The Ward seems like it's a good Ward, they're friendly members, with some great families who love us a lot. However, this week was rather difficult as far as the missionary work goes. I've only met about 3 of the 20 investigators we have, because some are on vacation, and others have not been available. But we were able to find 4 new investigators and strengthen a recent convert family who are amazing converts. They were baptized 2’3 months ago, and they've given us lots of food just in one week.

So majority of the week was spent walking under the blistering sun trying to find anyone to teach, we contacted several people in the Street and knocked tons of doors. I got a bit sun burnt and let me tell ya, it ain't easy to go day by day without a real set appointment to visit, lots of time outside on your feet walking around. But it's all good, Elder Reyes and I both want to baptize a lot, 6 this change, so I know something good Will happen. They've recently baptized several in the área, but we need to find several new investigators to be able to baptize more. Things are going well, Reyes and I get along quite well, and the zone seems to be improving right along.

Elder Russon

Changes to Pradera!

August 14, 2017

Well, we got the changes last Saturday night at 8. I was a little nervous that I might go all the way to Irapauto, but I didn't. I got changed here close in Queretaro. I'm now in the ward Pradera as zone leader with Elder Reyes, a very good elder almost about to finish. He finishes in December, and I finish in March, crazy stuff, haha!

My last week in the beloved ward of Colinas went very well. We finished bringing 10 investigators to church, which was a record for me, it was so awesome. The ward and the work there is really progressing. It was a little hard to leave the area, one of the investigators named Carlos didn't want me to leave at all. I told him I was leaving tomorrow, and he was shocked telling me that I need to speak with who ever was in charge and tell them to have me stay with Elder Leon. He doesn't want to accept anyone else to visit him. But I explained to him how it works, and I hope he likes the new elder well, Elder Rubio - which I'm sure he will.

The mission is going very well. I'm pumped to work hard this change with Elder Reyes, get to know the people and work well with them. We already put the goal to baptize 6 this change. I know I'm gonna learn a lot this change with Elder Reyes, I'm excited!!!

I wish you ALL a great week!!!


Elder Russon


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Gold Investigator

Aug 7, 2017

On Sunday, a member brought his friend to church, Carlos, who enjoyed the church services very well! We met with Carlos on Tuesday and invited him to baptism for August 19, which he accepted. I also gave him Alma 5 which is a long chapter in the BOM to read, which he read the whole thing that very night. On Thursday, we taught him the Restoration, which he understood well, and we decided that he is progressing very well, so we invited him to be baptized August 12, which is this very upcoming Saturday. There's a chance that if all goes well he'll be baptized. We're gonna meet with him tonight in the chapel. He’s already friends with the bishop and various leaders in the ward, which really goes to show how important the work of members is! It’s so awesome to be apart of this great work!

Other than that, the missionary work is really starting to pick up in the ward here, and the members are starting to notice! We also had a super Viernes activity on Friday for investigators and members to get to know each other and make friends. We brought about 7 investigators, and played several game of basketball with all of us, and it turned out very well!

Things are going well. The end of this week are changes again, and this time it’s probably my turn to leave the area. I’ve been here since the beginning of March, so well see what happens! The mission is going quite well, love you all!

Elder Russon

Monday, August 7, 2017

When We Try, We Can Reach Our Goals

July 31, 2017

Before last week, the entire zone only found 10 new investigators, which is very low. So Last Tuesday, I asked the District leaders to talk about it in their district meetings, which they did very well. At the end, I spoke a bit more about it, and had us all put a goal of how many new investigators we could find today. As a district, we put the goal of 11, and headed to work. To my surprise, by the end of the night, as a district, we met the goal of exactly 11 new investigators in one day, which was incredible, and the following day, we found 9 more! By the end of the week as a zone, we found 38 new investigators which was almost 4 times better than the previous week. That made me so happy, but we can really achieve a lot if we just focus ourselves on what we need to do.

And of course, we had something even cooler happen this week, a BAPTISM! Esperanza decided to get baptized this last Saturday which turned out very well! Elder Leon baptized her and I confirmed her on Sunday. Several sisters are very excited to have a new member in the Relief Society, and she’s fitting right in very well. She’s a great convert, and it is the best thing to have a front row seat to God’s plan in action. This is the reason of why we are here, and I’m so grateful to be a part of it.

Sunday, we also had 8 investigators in church which is a pretty good amount, all getting ready to be baptized most likely for August. Were doing well finding new investigators and setting baptismal dates. I love you all and wish you the best of weeks this week!


Elder Russon