Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Here We Go As Zone Leader!

February 27, 2017

So, we had changes! Elder Romero and Hernandez are going to stay here in Arbide. I got called as Zone Leader in Queretaro, zone Arcos! This one change in Leon went by waaay too fast, lots of things are happening. My new companion is Elder Kester, who is from Springville Utah, haha, super close to home. He was assistant to President 2 changes ago, so I’ll be learning a lot from him! I'm pretty excited and nervous to be zone leader, it’s a lot more responsibility and pressure, but that's just how it goes!

This week I interviewed 3 people for baptism, and it was fantastic! All 3 were baptized, and I learned a lot from the spirit as I interviewed them. I look forward to meeting a lot more people!

On Saturday, we had a, ‘’Noche Blanca.”  It's where the whole zone meets together with those who are going to be baptized and it’s a big program. President Williamson and the Stake President came to speak, and we as a zone, sang two musical numbers, we sounded pretty great! There were 10 baptisms, and for the month of February, our zone had a total of 15 baptisms, we were the best zone out of the 7 zones of the mission!

I’m super excited for this next change! I'm going to pass one year on the mission, which means I’ll have to renew my Mexico visa, and it’ll be General Conference too! I’m really excited for all of that!

I KNOW this is the church of Jesus Christ, and we are all involved in this great and marvelous missionary work! I really hope all of you have a solid week! 

Elder Russon


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Contacting Challenge!

February 20, 2017
This week flew by! On Thursday, we had a competition between the district with the Zone Leaders, on who could find the most future investigators in one day by contacting. My companions and I won, we contacted 101 people and received 28 future investigators. It was sweet! All together, we contacted 267 people, and received 84 future investigators!

The district is going well, we'll be having 7 baptisms this week in the district. Its awesome to be able to see the progress of the district, it's also very tiring, but it's worth it! This week is the last week of the change, I just can't believe it. It flew by way fast! We'll find out on Sunday who goes and stays, most likely Elder Hernandez will be leaving.

The mission is going well. As I heard from a friend a long time ago, who's on the mission, it's the most stretching thing I've ever done. It's true, the mission changes and molds lives, and it's hard. But the end result is priceless. As far as that goes, I'm doing well, but still lots more to learn!

Love you all, and may you have a greeeat week!!!


Elder Russon

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Great Things Are Happening!!!

February 13, 2017
Well, another week has passed. We've been working well even with Elder Romero still in recovery during the week. He's healed quick and is doing good. This coming week should be more work happening, instead of being stuck in the house sometimes, 'cuz Romero shouldn't be in the sun for these 2 weeks.

We found a very well prepared investigator who is READY to join the church. She started listening to the missionaries a year ago, and has been preparing ever since. She reads a lot from the Book of Mormon, has the LDS library app on her phone, has a deep desire to learn more about the gospel, and has felt the spirit frequently with us. Her name is Fatima, and her boyfriend is a return missionary. So we're excited for her!

Today, we had a sweet P-day with a member who took us to a close by mountain called Sierra de Lobos. It's about average compared with Utah nature, but its the best thing I've seen and experienced in 10 months! We arrived, went hiking, had a fire, and cooked meat for lunch. It was great. And the member we went with finished his mission in Mexico City about 2 years ago, he's super cool!

Things are going well, I'm just continually amazed at how fast the time is sailing. I love the work, and hope with all my might that I can do and give all possible first for the Lord, and second for the people. The missionary work is fantastic!!!


Elder Russon


Operation: Hospital Week

February 6, 2017
My companion Elder Romero had surgery on his head for a bunch of pain hes had, for a long time. That's why were in a trio. So I stayed with him in the hospital from Wednesday night til Friday morning. It was really nice and weird to stay in the hospital as a missionary.

After the hospital, we basically stayed in the house the rest of the week. The doctor told Romero he can't leave the house for 2 weeks. So we have to find a member every time to do divisions to visit people. This whole week that comes, we'll be working much more with members to be able to work. We're pretty much stuck in the house til we find someone to help us.

Things are going well, we're learning as a companionship. Today, I complete 10 months on the mission, wow, can't believe it! I feel experienced, and that the mission is the mission, and I feel like I'll be home way soon, which motivates me to do all that I can with the time I still have.

PS - I heard the super bowl was yesterday...but I don't even have a clue who played or won, or anything. Hope y'all enjoyed it, haha!


Elder Russon


Monday, February 6, 2017

January...Man it's HOT!

January 30, 2017

Today, as a zone, we went to la ferria in the center of Leon. We went in normal clothes, and I took a great advantage of shorts and a short sleeve shirt! I got a tad bit sun burnt. I know it must be a little hard to hear of such great weather here while its snowing ice up in Utah, but I guess that's one of the many blessings of serving a mission, haha!

Last Wednesday, we had the world wide missionary broadcast, and it brought a bunch of changes. They made big changes in the daily schedule and the numbers that we'll be reporting. It gives us even more time to be out proselyting, which gives us even more agency to be obedient and choose the right. I'm super pumped, 'cuz we gained 30 min extra in the night to be able to go to bed earlier if we want. Tomorrow, we have a conference with president about new changes, and how we'll be adjusting to it all, it'll be great!

My district is doing well, working hard. Two companionships have sons, or missionaries who just barely arrived to the mission field, so they'

re busy training them. Things are going well.

I wish you all a great week!


Elder Russon

Busy, Busy, Busy

January 23, 2017
This week literally flew by! We've been traveling more to help the other missionaries and coordinate. Its been cool this week, 'cuz I can see the progress of the whole district, and help them more. 

Tons of things happened this week, but the best part is that Elder Hernandez, Romero, and I get along very well, yep, I'm in a trio for a fourth time!

This new week will be extra busy, 'cuz we have the worldwide broadcast for missionaries, and who knows what else will happen this week. I just hope I can learn and do all that I need to in the little time that there is. Everything is going quite well!

One thing I continue to learn is the importance of our testimonies. I worry a little that in my district, there isn't TONS of motivation, but more of a ''well I'm here 'cuz there are rules and numbers I need.'' When we have a testimony super big, that's when all of us are super pumped and motivated to work hard and do whatever is necessary. It's important we always nourish our testimonies from three things most important, pray, study, and attend church!

Have a fantastic week! And tune into the Missionary Broadcast on Wednesday at 10 if you'd like!


Elder Russon