Monday, February 13, 2017

Great Things Are Happening!!!

Well, another week has passed. We've been working well even with Elder Romero still in recovery during the week. He's healed quick and is doing good. This coming week should be more work happening, instead of being stuck in the house sometimes, 'cuz Romero shouldn't be in the sun for these 2 weeks.

We found a very well prepared investigator who is READY to join the church. She started listening to the missionaries a year ago, and has been preparing ever since. She reads a lot from the Book of Mormon, has the LDS library app on her phone, has a deep desire to learn more about the gospel, and has felt the spirit frequently with us. Her name is Fatima, and her boyfriend is a return missionary. So we're excited for her!

Today, we had a sweet P-day with a member who took us to a close by mountain called Sierra de Lobos. It's about average compared with Utah nature, but its the best thing I've seen and experienced in 10 months! We arrived, went hiking, had a fire, and cooked meat for lunch. It was great. And the member we went with finished his mission in Mexico City about 2 years ago, he's super cool!

Things are going well, I'm just continually amazed at how fast the time is sailing. I love the work, and hope with all my might that I can do and give all possible first for the Lord, and second for the people. The missionary work is fantastic!!!


Elder Russon

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  1. This is great news about Fatima! And, she started learning about the Gospel a year ago.