Monday, February 20, 2017

Contacting Challenge!

This week flew by! On Thursday, we had a competition between the district with the Zone Leaders, on who could find the most future investigators in one day by contacting. My companions and I won, we contacted 101 people and received 28 future investigators. It was sweet! All together, we contacted 267 people, and received 84 future investigators!

The district is going well, we'll be having 7 baptisms this week in the district. Its awesome to be able to see the progress of the district, it's also very tiring, but it's worth it! This week is the last week of the change, I just can't believe it. It flew by way fast! We'll find out on Sunday who goes and stays, most likely Elder Hernandez will be leaving.

The mission is going well. As I heard from a friend a long time ago, who's on the mission, it's the most stretching thing I've ever done. It's true, the mission changes and molds lives, and it's hard. But the end result is priceless. As far as that goes, I'm doing well, but still lots more to learn!

Love you all, and may you have a greeeat week!!!


Elder Russon

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  1. I love that second picture of you, Elder Romero and Elder Hernandez!