Monday, February 6, 2017

Operation: Hospital Week

My companion Elder Romero had surgery on his head for a bunch of pain hes had, for a long time. That's why were in a trio. So I stayed with him in the hospital from Wednesday night til Friday morning. It was really nice and weird to stay in the hospital as a missionary.

After the hospital, we basically stayed in the house the rest of the week. The doctor told Romero he can't leave the house for 2 weeks. So we have to find a member every time to do divisions to visit people. This whole week that comes, we'll be working much more with members to be able to work. We're pretty much stuck in the house til we find someone to help us.

Things are going well, we're learning as a companionship. Today, I complete 10 months on the mission, wow, can't believe it! I feel experienced, and that the mission is the mission, and I feel like I'll be home way soon, which motivates me to do all that I can with the time I still have.

PS - I heard the super bowl was yesterday...but I don't even have a clue who played or won, or anything. Hope y'all enjoyed it, haha!


Elder Russon

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  1. This was nice to see President Williamson and his wife at the hospital to visit Elder Romero.