Tuesday, July 19, 2016

First Transfers...WOW!
June 20,  2016

This past week has been fun. Friday, I played 4 games of Basketball against an investigator and won all of them, he's pretty good though. It was super fun. Also, I really like taking buses, for now. It costs 8.50 pesos for a bus ride, pretty cool. On Sunday, our Elders quorum president mentioned that we are all converts to the church, because we all have to gain a testimony of it. We're not just born automatically with a testimony, I though that was pretty cool, think about it.

Time to say goodbye!
The main news is transfers. Last night, I found out I'm going to Cortazar, Celaya, with a new companion named Elder Silva. I did not want to leave the house. Where I lived was with another American and four other Elders. But now, I only live with my companion, and we're far from others. So last night I packed and washed all my clothes, because no more washing machine or dryer, it's by hand now, haha! I didn't get much sleep, but in the morning I got up and finished all packing. Then I took an hour long bus ride with two other Elders to meet my new companion. We arrived, and met a bunch of Elders waiting for us. Then Elder Silva and I took another bus ride to our area. We talked a lot, he's from Peru and has 7 months on the mission. He's obedient and hard working, he's pretty cool, but so far, I'm really missing the socialness of the others being around too. It's just me and him, but estabien. After a while, he told me a couple times that my Spanish is really good, that I've learned a lot. Him and my old companions have all told me I'm learning really fast, which is great. But to be honest, I don't think I've put forth a ton of effort to learn, the Lord has helped. So we arrived to our new house, it's huge for just us, and its not terrible. We have a little porch to look outside. 

So my birthday is next week, I'm wondering whats going to happen, my new companion showed me a video of him on his birthday and he got his face smashed in some cake, haha.


Have a great week everyone! Love you all!

Feliz 4 de Julio!!!
July 4,2016

What a week! It was my Birthday on Thursday, it was a great day! My companion bought me a gift box, a present (an Indian whistle thing from Ecuador), and wrote me an awesome letter! We bought ice cream, had cake with members, played futbol in the night, etc. It was a really great day! 

This past week we also met our new mission president from Utah. He met us on his second full day here, I just felt the spirit so strong with him and his wife. I was so happy to meet them, hes a really great guy, and he speaks English! I'm super excited to serve with him for 21 more months!

A couple days ago, we taught an investigator in her store. Its hard for her to keep commitments, but this time, I shared two scriptures with her. As I read them, the spirit started flooding me, and my eyes started tearing up. Then  I testified to her that she can receive an answer if the gospel is true or not. If she has real intent, enough faith, only believes, and waits for God to answer her on His time for the perfect time! By then, I shed a few tears, it was hard to speak, but it was amazing, the spirit was so strong!

Also, I thought more this week why people need to be worthy to be baptized. I realized that if they didnt repent beforehand, if they only got baptized without repenting first, it would be very likely they would continue in their old ways and sin again. Repentance is a change of heart, and its amazing!

Saturday and Sunday were pretty challenging with my companion, he doesn't have a lot of patience, and we struggled. But Sunday night, we talked a lot and now were alright. Its so hard sometimes to be out here only with my companion, its lonely sometimes. You learn to really rely on the Lord, because He is always there!

 In two days I will have 3 months on the mission, 1/8 done! Time flies, its hard to think of the time I have left, but I can do it! Hope you all have a great week!

June 27, 2016
The Beginning of the Mission

(oops - I thought these next few letters had posted)

I wish I had more time to write emails! This past week was good. My new companion Elder Silva is from Peru, works hard, and is a good guy. I wish he would show more expression though, maybe be a little happier, haha. But I like my new area, its more tranquillo, peaceful, and the people are more friendly. 

This past week, I had a cool spiritual experience. We were in a lesson about the restoration. I shared vi una columna de luz with them memorized when Joseph saw God and Jesus Christ. And when I finished, I had to have my companion keep going because I teared up, and almost started crying, because the spirit was really strong. This definitely isn't the first time, probably happened like 6 times last week, its super awesome.

With my new companion, I'm teaching equivalently with him, in Spanish of course. Its great, my teaching and Spanish are both progressing really quickly! Were working hard, the time is moving quickly, almost three months now. Its my birthday this week, and well be having pizza and cake, playing futbol and bball that night, it'll be a great day, as is everyday! 

The mission is tough for me sometimes simply because I'm away from family. But I know we leave our families for a time so others can be with their families for eternity! 

Also, there is this big ice cream shop called polo Norte right next door to us, its super awesome! Super great ice cream, maybe better than in America. It costs 15 pesos for about a cup of ice cream, three scoops, haha! This is one of the pics, and the video is this morning when I washed my clothes by hand for the first time! 

As always, I hope y'all have a wonderful week! I pray for y'all every night!
  Elder Russon

First Divisions this week!
July 18, 2016

Last Tuesday, we had our first interviews with our mission president. When I went in, he just wanted to hear about me, and who I am. It was a very spiritual experience to talk with him. I shared experiences about the gospel, and haha...cried, the spirit was so strong, it was great! He is a very cool guy, loves b-ball, and owns his own businesses, so were pretty identical, haha! 

Afterwards, I went on divisions to Celaya with Elder Navarette for three days. It was fantastic! I literally learned so much from him. He has 18 months on the mission, where my companion now, Silva, has 8. So he has much more experience. From him, I learned more of how to be a successful missionary. First, always have the spirit, second, be obedient (love the rules, and obey because you want to), and finally, BE HAPPY! Divisions were great, and also, this week flew by! 

On Friday, when I came back to Cortazar, I opened my two packages that I received. I got a ton of candy and letters, literally the best thing ever. A BIG SHOUT OUT to all those who wrote me a letter, muchisimas gracias! It really means a lot, to know there's people supporting me out here. 

Side note: Animals down here, nothing strange, the usual, and so far no snakes, so that's super great!!! And I don't have the chance to sing in a choir, just with other missionaries and in church.

 Also, my grandparents sent me a funny story, super funny. I loved it. If any of you guys know of funny stories, or anything, send them to me. Its great to just lay back a little and laugh, haha! I would appreciate it!

This week was good. Its actually really rough sometimes because of companions. Ive been thinking, if I had a companion where we always got along, nothing would be hard on the mission. We would do really well, about having the spirit, being obedient, and being happy! But its the really hard times when we grow. Its trials when we have the opportunity to learn something, and change our heart or life to become better, I believe 100 percent on that! the hardest thing with my companion right now is that he doesn't have much patience at all, and wow, ITS VERY DIFFICULT SOMETIMES. But its increasing my patience because of it. 

Anyways, have a great week everyone, until next Monday!!! Love and pray for y'all!!!

Chilie Relleno - Chilies stuffed with eggs and cheese!

Monday, July 18, 2016

second email

Sorry, but also, just wanted to mention. Its cool as a missionary, already, Ive seen a lot of people changing their lives as they literally come closer to Christ! Ive seen a lot of people cry, frequently, including me, its wonderful, and the spirit is Amazing. Which is the way we can know if the Gospel is true. And I KNOW WITH EVERY FIBER IN MY SOUL THATS ITS TRUE!!! And it is Perfect!



Elder Russon

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Scott asked me to type up his picture/letter in case they wouldn't open for everyone (or if you can't read his handwriting!)

My First Baptism!                                                                                     Mon, Jul 11, 2016 at 4:34 PM

So, first and foremost, last Friday, I baptized Guadalupe. It was a fantastic experience! At first, I was a little nervous, being my first time, but actually not a whole lot. I explained to her exactly what to do and then we went in the cold water, Ha ha ha! Then I confidently did the ordinance correctly and pushed her rather deep in the water – just to make sure! Afterwards, I felt so good and happy, it was amazing! In a way, I felt like I was baptized again. It was a unique experience!

For the future, if I stay another change here in Cortazar, we could have three more baptisms! Slowly, little by little, I am  learning a ton of stuff; Spanish, teaching, mission things, culture, love, service, Christlike attributes, etc. The mission is the greatest experience anyone could have, not because it's fun and games, but rather because it's hard. There are tons of very specific things for each missionary to learn – things that we need to learn for the rest of our lives.

Also, yesterday, I gave an eight minute talk in church. It went really well and I felt great. I spoke on Christlike attributes. We also had seven investigators and some less-actives attend yesterday, pretty great!

 A couple of days ago, I saw an American (like 6'7" tall). I was like, "Hey, are you American?" Turns out, he's playing semi-professional basketball, and lives with one of his teammates here in Cortazar for a little bit. Tony and Trent, both tall and cool guys. They're good with where they're at right now , without religion, but they invited us to one of their games, but they're playing on Sunday, so we can't. But, we might be able to play with them on Tuesday. I really hope we can.  Here, other than missionaries, I can find someone who speaks English about once a week, pretty cool.

 So also, as part of the mission, there are people who swear or say rude things to us, not super frequently. There are lots of people bound by Satan, and when they say these things, it honestly doesn't bother me because I know the church is true, and that's all that matters! One time, someone said, "El diablo es mi Pastor,"  which means: "the devil is my pastor. "

Anyway, this week has been good. The highs are coming faster and faster.  I have just over three months now. The mission is hard, for me mainly because I miss family and home, but that's how I grow. Hope y'all had a fantastic week! And hope you have another magnificent week!

Hasta Luego! Hasta Proximo Lunes!
(Good bye! Until next Monday!)

Elder Russon

P.S. hey, so do you guys have any questions about missionary work, or being a missionary?