Sunday, July 30, 2017


July 24, 2017

This week we did divisions with Arcos and Heroes. I went to both of their areas with Elder Smith and Palma on different days to meet and help their investigators, and it went well. Their both solid missionaries and are doing their best, but the divisions always seem to help have more motivation or learn new strategies of doing things from others. With Smith, we contacted a whopping 40, and then with Palma, we did 50 contacts. I love being able to meet new people and travel around a bit, it’s awesome.

This week, we also traveled out to Lomas again for a baptismal interview, which she passed and was baptized last Saturday, and from what we heard the baptism was a total success. The members gave her a photo right then and there of her baptism, a flower, and some good scriptures to study in hard times. It always helps to have a good ward to support the new converts.

Right now, we have 3 people preparing to be baptized next Saturday for the multi zone Noche Blanca. They’re Gabriel, Esperanza, and Alma, and we sure hope that all will go well for them. It’s a big step, and they all seem a little worried to take it, even though they already know it’s what they’re supposed to do. So we hope they all three can be baptized in the Noche Blanca.

Things are going well in the area, we just need to focus a bit more on finding new investigators. That’s the biggest funnel to baptisms, 'cuz the more we find, the more chance there is to find those who are actually prepared to be baptized.


Elder Russon

Here's a clip of the EFY singing we did. (Note from Mom: If anyone knows how to add an audio file to this blog, let me know, I haven't been able to figure it out :)



Scripture Study!

July 17, 2017

It has been a good week. On Tuesday, we traveled to the other district counsel in Lomas, and afterwards, we did divisions with Elder Heywood and Sierra. It went well, we ended up inviting 3 investigators to baptism, all accepted, and we contacted 35 people in the rain, so that was awesome, haha (we got soaked!).

I have some new goals to read the Libro de Mormon every day in my personal study as well as reading Las Escrituras out loud for 10-15 minutes to help me with my Spanish pronunciation. Studying the scriptures especially the BOM is super important every day, because it transforms our brains to know and understand the doctrine of Christ so we don’t get lost in the world. It’s also important that we obtain a knowledge of God, Jesus Christ, and the doctrine.

Elder Leon and I are doing well in our area. Every lesson we have with our investigators, we talk about baptism. So they all know our purpose and what they need to do, it’s just a matter of their choice to accept it or not. We hope to baptize many this change, there’s 4 weeks left.

All the missionaries in Queretaro are going to sing for EFY next Wednesday. Yesterday, we had a practice, we’re singing 3 songs, and we sound all right. I’m sure well sound much better on Wednesday, haha!

Have a great week!


Elder Russon


God has a Plan!

July 10, 2017
So this week I had a cool simple spiritual experience teaching the plan of salvation. My new companion Elder Leon showed me one of his investigators that is actually the niece of one of my investigators, but now with the changes, we both share the same investigators in the same area. 

Her name is Alma, and we were teaching her about Gods plan that He has for us, and about half way through, I just sat there pondering looking and listening as my companion was talking. I felt Gods love as I thought about Alma as a daughter of God, knowing that we as missionaries can help her receive all of the ordinances she needs to be able to return home.

I felt the spirit so profoundly, just knowing and seeing a clear straight vision back to our Heavenly home, and that the only thing that matters in this life is that we make it back, and also help others come back as well. Gods plan and Christs church is perfect, and that's all that really matters.

I know this is the path, and there exists none other. I know it, and I invite all of you to pray to have God confirm His truth to you once again.


Elder Russon



July 3, 2017

On Friday, we had our baptism of Shakti at 12. Many members were working, so there were only 12 of us there, but it went very well. Both Elder Rowley and I shared a message about enduring to the end and prayer. It was one of the best baptisms weve had, it was spiritual. It was also the best birthday present Ive ever had – a baptism! We also attended 2 other baptisms, and ate tons of tacos afterward (I ate 16!)

Also as a zone, we completed our goal to baptize 12 in the month of June! Things are going very well. We also just had changes, my companion Elder Rowley, will be back in Utah tomorrow night, super crazy! And I’m staying here another change with Elder Leon, he’s also another great missionary, I’m pumped!

There is work to do. We are motivated to baptize and help lift up the stake. Things are going well, thanks for all of your support and have another fantastic week!


Elder Russon


Monday, July 3, 2017

The Book of Mormon

June 26, 2017

This week I’ve based and focused myself a bit more in the Book of Mormon, which is a history of our ancestors that lived in America. I’ve never quite realized just how much it testifies and teaches us of the Doctrine of Christ. Every single page has something to say about Christ and we can learn so much because of that.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is all that we need to live in this life. We must practice faith unto repentance daily. Be baptized with the Holy Ghost. And of course, one of the biggest and hardest steps is endure to the end. Every day is a battle against Satan to be on God’s side and to stay there. If we want to win, we must live the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This week we’re going to have a baptism of Shakti. Her family was inactive, but now her Mom, Dad, little sister and her have been to church together 3 times now, and I can tell it’s blessed their life a lot. Shakti is so smart and knows what the right thing to do is. It will be this Friday at 12 in the chapel…you’re all invited!

We continue working, trying to find new investigators, because that’s our channel for baptisms, and we are baptism-hungry! This Friday, after Shakt’s baptism, we’re going to have a Noche Blanca at 7, where 4 people from 3 different wards are going to be baptized. It’s June 30, which is my birthday, and the whole day is gonna be great!!! Hope you all have a fantastic week!


Elder Russon

When the Miracles Come

June 12, 2017

On Tuesday, we started slowing down a bit because we’ve been working real hard for the past two weeks together, and haven’t seen tons of success like we would like. But we didn’t lose the Faith. So in the night, God blessed us with a miracle, Liliana.

We were walking up the street when she approached us and told us that she wants to go to church and be baptized…WHAT?!?! I can tell you right now that that is not a daily occurrence, rather something out of the ordinary. But we got her address and phone number to visit her, and we’ll visit her next week!

Most of her family is Mormon, and she’s been struggling lately, wanting to be a good example for her kids, so her family told her to find us and come to church. It’s always after the trial of our Faith when the miracles come, we always have to be patient, and wait on the Lord’s time.

On Saturday, we participated in the war talent show, without planning on it, and it went rather well, super hilarious!

So it was a good week, little by little the missionary work is progressing here in Colinas. We keep searching and working to baptize!


Elder Russon



June 5, 2017

After searching two whole weeks with Rowley, and several weeks with Ledesma, we finally found an investigator progressing to be baptized this month!

On Thursday, when we did weekly planning, I started looking through old investigator records and came across Shakti an eleven year old whose parents have been less active for 2 years, and we were teaching over a month ago. We thought about visiting her and got pumped!

So we went immediately to their house without an appointment, and they let us right in. We found out that the other Elders had visited them in the morning which was rather cool. We told them that we felt the need to visit them for Shakti, and we taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Shakti gave all the perfect answers while her parents got mixed up and answered wrong. But it was awesome, because we fulfilled our purpose as missionaries teaching the doctrine of Christ, and preaching repentance unto the people.

At the end, we invited Shakti to baptism for the 23rd of June, and she said yes hesitating a bit, but then committed herself with the help of her family. They arrived to church 45 minutes early on Sunday, all as a family, so that was incredibly awesome!

I'm definitely learning much more about the Faith. To NEVER doubt, believing Only, and also ready to accept the WILL of God in the end. Faith is sooo much more than I thought, it’s a much bigger concept that we need to grow every day of our lives.


Elder Russon


15 Nuevos Investigadores

May 29, 2017

This week, we pushed ourselves to work hard and contact more than 15 people every day. And I know were having success because of it. We found 15 investigators this week, which is a ton for one week. And our investigators are progressing well, actually getting a true testimony of the gospel.

I was talking with another Elder in my generation, Elder Jensen, and I realized that I only have 6 more changes left after this change before I finish. It honestly isn’t very much, I can’t believe it. Time is just cruising by. I keep on learning tons of things, but it is all, little by little.

I know this is the church of Jesus Christ, and that we can learn so much and feel the presence of God when we have His spirit with us. It’s not something easy to have, you have to work a lot for it. You have to be obedient, work hard, and search for his spirit with a great desire.

I wish you all the best week of your lives!

Elder Russon