Monday, July 10, 2017

God has a Plan!

So this week I had a cool simple spiritual experience teaching the plan of salvation. My new companion Elder Leon showed me one of his investigators that is actually the niece of one of my investigators, but now with the changes, we both share the same investigators in the same area. 

Her name is Alma, and we were teaching her about Gods plan that He has for us, and about half way through, I just sat there pondering looking and listening as my companion was talking. I felt Gods love as I thought about Alma as a daughter of God, knowing that we as missionaries can help her receive all of the ordinances she needs to be able to return home.

I felt the spirit so profoundly, just knowing and seeing a clear straight vision back to our Heavenly home, and that the only thing that matters in this life is that we make it back, and also help others come back as well. Gods plan and Christs church is perfect, and that's all that really matters.

I know this is the path, and there exists none other. I know it, and I invite all of you to pray to have God confirm His truth to you once again.


Elder Russon

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  1. I loved what you said about Alma and about the plan of salvation. You are in a position to give her all the ordinances she needs to make it back to Heaven. This is God’s plan for each of us.