Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Feliz 4 de Julio!!!
July 4,2016

What a week! It was my Birthday on Thursday, it was a great day! My companion bought me a gift box, a present (an Indian whistle thing from Ecuador), and wrote me an awesome letter! We bought ice cream, had cake with members, played futbol in the night, etc. It was a really great day! 

This past week we also met our new mission president from Utah. He met us on his second full day here, I just felt the spirit so strong with him and his wife. I was so happy to meet them, hes a really great guy, and he speaks English! I'm super excited to serve with him for 21 more months!

A couple days ago, we taught an investigator in her store. Its hard for her to keep commitments, but this time, I shared two scriptures with her. As I read them, the spirit started flooding me, and my eyes started tearing up. Then  I testified to her that she can receive an answer if the gospel is true or not. If she has real intent, enough faith, only believes, and waits for God to answer her on His time for the perfect time! By then, I shed a few tears, it was hard to speak, but it was amazing, the spirit was so strong!

Also, I thought more this week why people need to be worthy to be baptized. I realized that if they didnt repent beforehand, if they only got baptized without repenting first, it would be very likely they would continue in their old ways and sin again. Repentance is a change of heart, and its amazing!

Saturday and Sunday were pretty challenging with my companion, he doesn't have a lot of patience, and we struggled. But Sunday night, we talked a lot and now were alright. Its so hard sometimes to be out here only with my companion, its lonely sometimes. You learn to really rely on the Lord, because He is always there!

 In two days I will have 3 months on the mission, 1/8 done! Time flies, its hard to think of the time I have left, but I can do it! Hope you all have a great week!


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  1. I loved hearing about your birthday celebration. And, I loved seeing the picture of you with your new mission president! I know you will love serving with him!