Monday, September 25, 2017

Two Miracle Baptisms

So after much fasting and prayer, we had two baptisms the last week of the change. Manuel, who we found the very first week of the change, and Madeck, who’s Mom was finally able to come to Vera Cruz to be able to see her baptism. All went very well, and I know miracles are real.

Madeck’s husband is a return missionary, and she already knows several members, so she’s basically covered and already a member of lots of experience. Manuel however only has 6 weeks of experience in the church, and he needs to meet some more members. But I’m really excited to invite him to some church activities during the week so he can get really involved, and I’m positive he’ll be pumped to go!

We got changes, my companion Elder Reyes got called as Assistant to President, and I’m glad for him. But, I am gonna miss him a lot. Now I’m with Elder Morales from Tijuana, Mexico. He has several ideas of things to do here and we’ll see how it goes. More than anything, I’m really sad to see the old assistants finish, Elder Ramirez and Marshall, who were incredible missionaries to work with, they both inspire me a ton! They’re both humble and friendly, and super hard workers.


Elder Russon

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  1. I love this picture of you with the assistants. And, because you fasted and prayed, you had these two miracle baptisms. This makes me so happy!