Monday, September 26, 2016

Here Comes THE BIG G.C. Weekend! - Woohoo!!!

My laundry room (or rooftop!)
September 26, 2016
So, the missionary work has been going well here. Recently, we've been dropping old investigators because either we can't ever find them home, or they don't progress. So we are focusing on finding new investigators. But we have about 10 that are progressing little by little. Right now, we have Santiago and Carlos that can be baptized in October. They lack some more teaching, but they both have a strong desire to be baptized. Actually, we have an appointment with Santiago in 2 hours, so that's great!

Elder De Leon and I are working really quite well together. We teach well, and we work hard without complaining, we Just Do It! The days are rolling by like someone going down a water slide. I'm learning so many different things every day, and I'm changing. I'm really starting to love everything about the mission. Can't believe I'm a fourth way done of the mission, 6 months!
Elder De Leon and I
I've been thinking, and there are 3 things that every member or investigator must do in the church. They need to pray and read the scriptures daily, and attend church every Sunday. It's super hard to find problems in the life of a person who simply does these 3 things. Of course there's so much more to the gospel, but it all starts with praying, studying, and attending. The ultimate goal of the gospel is to attend the temple. EVERYTHING we do in the church is to prepare us to attend the temple worthily. 

The blue sky photo, if you look closely, there are white balloons in the air, but I have no idea why. Another photo is when we had zone meeting, and some were in a circle without chairs as a  object lesson to show that we have to be united, 'cuz if one falls, we all fall.
Anyways, I had a great week, didn't feel like a week, more like 2 or 3 days, ha-ha. Y'all out there have a marvelous week, but most of all, ENJOY GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!

Elder Russon

White balloons in the sky. Not sure why, though.
My kitchen!

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  1. Wow, that's quite a picture of your laundry room! I so much admire you for washing your clothes by hand!