Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Guess what...5 MoNtHs!!! Sweet, really running out of good title ideas...HAHAHA!

Sept 5, 2016
Tomorrow, I complete my 5 month anniversary...haha! The time sure has flown by. This week went normal. It was rather hot and tiring. The sun felt fierce for a few days, and I have a little head cold, so thats not super fun. I can tell theres a change in the weather. 

Last Tuesday or Wednesday, I had a cool experience. I was wearing my sombrero, and we walked passed a lady sitting down outside her house, who caught our attention. We headed for a less active to visit, knocked, no one answered, so we went back the way we came. On the way, we saw this lady speed walking in our direction toward us. She stopped us and immediately asked if we could visit her and her family. We were surprised, but very happy too. We said of course!

Laundry time!
Later, she said, your testigos de jehova, verdad? (Jehovah's Witness) And we said no, were missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. But she was still interested, and were going to visit her this Thursday. After we left, I laughed really hard, because I knew she contacted us because I was wearing my hat. Its very common here that the testigos wear these types of hats. My companion laughed, also knowing the same thing, a lot of members joke that we're testigos when we wear the hat. Later, I said, wow, this hat is worth every 110 pesos I spent!

Also, yesterday, one of our recent converts got a new job. And now she works 7-5pm every day, for 800 pesos a week. That's 800 pesos for 70 hours of work, about $0.64 an hour! It was hard to believe it, that's literally nothing at all, but shes okay with it. She plans to work there in the restaurant for about a year and a half, without rest. She says shes gonna read the scriptures and pray everyday, and attend Institue on Tuesday and Thursdays after her work. But I fear a lot that shes headed straight for inactivity. It doesn't matter what the situation is, attending church is mandatory for everyone, every Sunday!
Eggs and Herbalife for breakfast!
This is the last week of the change, and its very likely that Silva leaves, and I stay, but quien sabe? If I stay, we'll have another baptism next week of Santiago, woohoo! This afternoon, I also received another package from home, that was awesome! A chess set and a tie! 

It was a good week this week, love you all, and enjoy your upcoming week!

Elder Russon
Package from Home!
Thanks Dad for the Chess set and tie!

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  1. You're welcome! I'm glad you are enjoying the new tie and chess set! Wow, watching you do your laundry in that bucket really, really makes me appreciate how blessed I am here at home!