Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Happy National Mexico independence Day! Sept. 15/16

New companion - Elder De Leon
September 19, 2016

Hands down, this week flew by! Elder De Leon and I are working hard and well together. I'm basically in charge of our area Cortazar, because I'm showing him all the people and leading everything. But were both senior companions. He has this transfer and next transfer before he goes home. But this change might be his last one because his visa expires one week before the end of the next change, but President is gonna check on it, 'cuz Elder De Leon wants to finish the full time of the mission. He's a pretty cool guy, short, obedient, and a little different. He's from Guatemala, and we work well together.

Right now, we have Santiago who has come to church 5 times, and is progressing well, but his new job he started won't let him rest on Sundays anymore. So he's gonna talk to his boss, or look for another job. He'll probably be baptized in 2 to 3 weeks. Then there's Carlos, who has come 3 times to church on his own, and he'll for sure be baptized real soon. He even mentioned about serving a mission, super cool. There's about 6 others that have a real potential for baptism. And there's several more that are just potentials. It's real hard for them to get to church, and sometimes finding them home or free to listen to us is hard too.

Everyday I'm progressing. My Spanish is so much better, also my teaching and coordinating skills. I can really see how the mission helps shape the future perfectly, in every little detail as missionaries. Right now, I feel like I have a bit more than enough things to do, but that I can just barely handle it, which is great, I love it. The time flies so much faster that way, I'm always thinking, Ok, what next?
Last Friday, the ward had a big party for the Mexican Independence day. We joined for about an hour, they had like a talent show with people dancing and acting, making jokes. Later, a TON of food served. Tortas, Tacos, etc, etc, etc. Super good food. 

Can't believe I've almost got a fourth of the mission done, goes super fast. This is my third change here in Cortazar, and I really love the area. Its a smaller town, less noise and business, more my style. I enjoy the members a lot, their really great. We had a ward mission leader coordination last night with the Bishop and the WML. It went terrific, we came up with several ideas to help the investigators, less active, recent converts, etc. 

All is going well, hope y'all have a fantastic week! Hasta el proximo semana! (Until next week!)

Elder Russon

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  1. That's cool about you being in charge of Cortazar now. Keep up the great work!