Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Transfers! I'm stayin' in Cortazar!

Transfer Time
September 12, 2016

Not a lot of time this time, or really any other time. But, this past week went well. We had transfers. Elder Silva left to go open a new area and train a newbie, wow, lots of work for him. I'm staying here with a new companion Elder De Leon, who goes home in December, pretty crazy. He's pretty cool. We're gonna work and learn a lot this change. 

We'll probably have a baptism next week for Santiago. We also have a few other possibilities that can be baptized. Now that Silva is gone, and my new companion and I are both Mayor companions, I have more responsibility, and I know I'm gonna learn even better how to teach the people effectively, with the Spirit. 

A thought I've had before; When I started the mission, they told us as missionaries that we SHALL not teach without the spirit. Not shouldn't, but can't. And I was thinking, wow, is it truly possible to always have the spirit with you? I learned yes, it is possible. Because although we might not feel strong feelings from the spirit in every moment, the spirit can reside in us always, as long as we obey and are worthy. Many times we don't realize how the spirit works inside us. But I can now sense for sure if the spirit is present, and wow, how important it is for everyone to have the spirit. It's like a sure guarantee to heaven, haha.

Anyways, life goes well, have a fantastic week y'all!!!

Elder Russon

A bird flew in our house the night before transfers!


  1. That's cool about you staying in Cortazar! I know the members love you being there. And, this will give you a great opportunity to baptize more wonderful people!

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