Monday, September 5, 2016

Get Up, Study, Work, Go to Bed....Repeat! - HaHaHa

Aug 29th, 2016
Another week?! ... What?!?! Haha

So, now after about 5 months, I feel like I'm adjusting to the mission routine. I'm automatic to roll out of bed at 6:30 am and say my prayers. The do some type of exercise before showering (that is after I go outside and light the boiler for hot water). Later, I eat my yogurt, fruit, juice, nature valley granola bar, and herbalife (a healthy drink with tons of nutrients, its pretty good). 

Then I start personal study with a conference talk from the Liahona, some preach my gospel, and then the New Testament. I don't quite look forward to comp study, but its alright, I usually try to practice teaching something to my companion. Then I finish off the third hour with some language study; the same talk I studied for personal study, in Spanish, and el libro de mormon.

Then its time to leave and work. Its rather hard to find people available until after 4pm in the day, but that's how it goes. We eat with a member, ''comida'', at 230 or 300. Then back to work - lessons, contacting, etc, (tons of walking, haha). 9 o'clock comes pretty fast, and then we plan appointments for the next day til 9:30, calling people, and whatnot. Then I write in my journal, do random things before bed, but necessary, and jump in bed ASAP. Before 10:30, 'cuz wow, every minute of sleep counts. Then about 10 minutes later, I get out of bed, and do the same thing, haha. But every day is different. So now, about 5 months in, I'm accustomed to it all, haha.

Things are going well, this week flew by, only less than 2 weeks left of the change, and you could say I'm ready for a new companion. My comp now is great, but the time moves faster with changes, but its all good. 

Right now, we have one solid investigator, Santiago, who has a baptismal date for Sept 15, maybe earlier though. We have 34 people that were teaching, a few that are progressing mas o menos, and the rest rather slowly. But nevertheless, we continue forward, haha.

So...we walk A LOT! - About 8 miles every day, sometimes more. I'm already accustomed to walking fast awhile ago, but now my mind is more accustomed, not so boring anymore. I'm learning a BUNCH of things, more Spanish, teaching skills, and so much more. Really, how to live and enjoy the life according to how God wants us, which is perfect. My Spanish is pretty great for the time that I have, and its not such a struggle anymore. But my mind hurts sometimes, after trying really hard to speak and understand. I think in Spanish a lot, I'm constantly translating my thoughts in Spanish throughout all the days. 

This week was nice and it went well, pues...until the next Monday, HAVE A SUPER-CALI-FRAJI-LISTIC-EXPIALI-DOCIOUS WEEK!!! Love ya all!

Elder Russon

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  1. I’m excited about Santiago’s upcoming baptism! This will be your fifth baptism. I believe this was the total number of baptisms I had during my entire mission!