Monday, August 29, 2016

FOURTH BAPTISM! Things Are Going Swell!

August 22, 2016
This week went swell. Normal, quick, and good. Most importantly, we had another baptism on Thursday, Fabiola, the daughter of Gabriella. Woohoo, now my fourth baptism. Things are movin' along. We have 26 people that are in our teaching, or enseñanza. Some are progressing really fast, and others, not at all.

This past week, we talked to Jehovahs witnesses, who were sitting down on a bench in the garden, passing out pamphlets. We talked with them for almost 2 hours. Crazy things they believe is, God doesn't have a body, there are only 144000 people who will be saved in the heavens, there are no prophets today, and families are not forever. Wow, we shared a lot, asked a lot, and talked a lot. Many people saw us talking, and I can only guess what they were thinking, haha. But it was a cool experience, a little strong at times, but nothing harmful.

I'm realizing more of the need to WORK! I'm developing the need or desire to work, serve, help others more because we NEED to, not just because its a mission rule. Its not like I never wanted to work, but that its more sincere, more clear, better understood the need. We can all, always develop stronger wills, habits, personalities, etc. The Gospel is amazing, and helps us in every aspect. We truly are preparing to Meet and live with God and our Families FOREVER!

One cool experience I had was when we taught Martin, and Martina. They're living together, he's 29, and she's 48, and they have problems with the word of wisdom. We were teaching them about prayer and Joseph Smith, I spoke a lot, and I felt the spirit so strong there. I teared up as I shared experiences, scriptures, etc. 

That day in specific, I thought earlier, If God already knows everything, and whats going to happen in the world, why do we need to pray to him and ask for help or blessings when he already knows whats going to happen? I prayed for help, and right in my prayer, I realized that we pray to SHOW OUR FAITH. To obey His commandments, and be faithful to Him. That was a pretty cool experience!

Its great to be a missionary here in Mexico. I see a lot of people in really hard situations. People without legs, or arms, riding bikes, living in rotten houses made out of complete cement or brick. Many people with many struggles. But yet, they continue to go through life with a smile on their face, and to help others. How humbling for me, and many others. Ive got life so easy, its the least we can do to serve others. That's how the gospel is set up.

Hope y'all have another fantastic week! Love and miss y'all bunches, haha!

Pictures: Baptism of Fabiola, Big Mexico flag my comp bought, and little Mex flag I bought, etc


Elder Russon

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  1. Wow, it’s hard to believe the living conditions of some people in the world. If you have a roof over your head you are truly blessed! I’m so happy about Fabiola’s baptism!