Monday, February 26, 2018

Travel Week

On Tuesday we went to Irapuato and later Leon to do some divisions with the Elders. In the whole week we did 5, but it was nice and I feel like we were able to help the missionaries be more motivated to work and enjoy the mission. The week FLEW by, but we got a lot of things done. 

I was also very happy because on Sunday we brought 7 of our investigators to church, and it turned out very well. Alvaro and Silvia had some struggles this week, rather strong in their marriage, but we visited and talked with them trying to help out and have them place their faith in God. We passed by Sunday morning to remind both of them to come to church and Silvia flat out told us she wasnt going to go, and she was washing clothes. But Alvaro was firm on coming and arrived 20 minutes early. After we left their house, I did a simple prayer in my heart asking God to help her come to church. At 12:30 she miraculously came to church exercising her great faith by coming, it was super awesome!

Things are going well, love you all and hope all is well, have a great week!


Elder Russon


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  1. I loved seeing the pictures of all the missionaries! I’m sure it was fun working with five zones during the week.