Monday, February 5, 2018

Great Week!

Just a little over a week ago we found a family, Alvaro, Silvia and Oscar. We taught them the gospel of Jesus Christ inviting them to baptism at the end and they accepted for March 17th, my last week in the mission. It'll also be a Noche Blanca for the entire mission, attached is a flyer of how it will be. 

The family came to church yesterday. We went with them in a taxi arriving 30 minutes early and still left for another family. But everything turned out great with them in church. You could feel the spirit so strong and they are deeply committed to being baptized. They shared their personal experiences in the classes and said hi to everyone. It's great because we have several great members in the ward who came to greet them and be friends.

Just being able to be a part of all of that makes me sooo happy. It's the purpose of life and I hope we can all continue in this great work together. I love you all and hope all goes great this week!!!

Elder Russon

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  1. I sure do hope your Noche Blanca goes well on March 17th! This will be wonderful to see these people get baptized into the Church