Monday, June 19, 2017


This week we had our Zone Conference with our Mission President and interviews, which all went super well. In the conference, they spoke about not becoming discouraged, and we spoke about continue working and becoming consistent with the work. Also, every time after interviews, I always feel purified and motivated to work more.

In the Zone, there was a miracle baptism in San Juan. The sisters are there and what happened is their investigator went to some other baptisms in Tequis, and then told them that he wanted to be baptize. So they called President, interviewed him right then and there, and they baptized him, so that was super cool!

Yesterday, we also got a reference from a sister that told us he wants to be baptized. So we put a baptismal date for the thirtieth, because he’s already been to church before, and we’re planning a Noche Blanca that day (where there are several people being baptized that same day, and it’s on my birthday!) He accepted, we just need a miracle to happen that he takes it seriously and prepares himself by that day, less than two weeks!

Things are going well. Honestly, the transfers are just zooming by, the time has never flown by so fast. Even though im well aware of the time, I don’t focus on it, and the days just come and go. But there’s plenty of work still to be done, and time to do it. Love all you guys so much, thanks for your support and have a fantastic week!


Elder Russon


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  1. This was a great story about this guy who wanted to be baptized when he saw the other baptism!