Monday, June 13, 2016

And So It Goes...Another Week!

Whats up? ¿Que Tal?

The time is moving pretty fast, but that doesn't mean I don't live every moment, if that makes sense. It feels like yesterday que yo llegue aqui en el campo de misional (I came here in the mission field.) Transfers are next week, and we get a new mission president. Things are probably going to be super different, but I'm glad the change is happening early in my mission, where I'm not super used to the ways of the old President. 

Anyways, this was a good week. I'm learning to appreciate trials more. I feel like every day, the Lord gives me a unique trial for me to learn from. Its definitely stretching, but I'm grateful for the lessons Ive learned, and the trials I'm going through. Especially because of the language, the country, companions, everything is different here. But its a fantastic experience. Through the powerful power of prayer, we can do anything. I know God is with me, and because of that, I can get through any challenge. No matter our struggles, if we ask God with real intent, having faith in Him, He Will Help Us.

Some interesting things, yesterday, I ate fried pig skin for dinner, super gross. I didn't know what it was before hand, but I knew it was gross. Then after, I asked my companion, and he told me. I'm glad I didn't know before, it was also pretty spicy. The members here always feed us a ton of food, they're super nice and humble. Also, as obvious as it is, my comps tell me I have a baby face, haha. But that's alright, because 50 years from now, I'll still be lookin' great! haha. 

So this morning I asked my comp how he honestly thinks my Spanish is. He said its a lot better, and I'm learning muy rapido! So that's great. Every day, I understand just a little bit more, and I'm starting to speak faster! Also, our mission has a thing called Q News, which is like a weekly bulletin for the entire mission. And I just found out my comp and I made the cover page! Super sweet! Rather rare, hahaha! 

What can I say, the mission is great - not fun all the time, it's the hard times that make the mission great! And that is why everyone treasures their mission for the rest of their lives! Missionary work is the best work upon the earth, and members can do it too, hint, hint, haha! Hope y'all have another fantastic week! Enjoy life especially the people around you!

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  1. That's cool that you and your companion made the front cover of your mission bulletin called Q News! And, it sounds like the members are just awesome in how they treat you. They feed you well and provide referrals. The pictures you include are so helpful in helping us really see what it's like on your mission. I can't wait for your next update!