Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Two Months, Time is Flying!

Painting the hermanas new apartment for them.
So yesterday, I hit two months on the mission, pretty sweet. I'm really growing, lots of experiences already, and lots more to learn. Each day I can learn something new, and I know we learn from trials. We have to suffer first before we can grow. Also, every day I can understand a little bit more Spanish. I'm starting to understand more and I can speak faster and better, its slow sometimes, but it's coming. The main problem I have is the language. It is so hard to go day after day not understanding everything, and especially for me, not knowing what in the world we are doing or going. I wish my trainer would tell me more, but estabien. Things are going pretty good, the mission is sweet. But that doesn't mean without hard times. Its the rough times that truly make the mission legit! 
The weather here is alright, its like a typical summer. June is most rainy. Its been usually sunny til 5 and then cloudy and rains through out the night for last week, but not so much right now. its probably 80 or 90 here, I sweat, but estabien.

So, I've noticed there is a good amount of signs, products, and what not in English, and English music, kind-a-cool! Also, you can tell how long a missionary has been out by how sun-beaten their name tags are, and how worn their shoes are, haha. 
This past week has been good. Right now I'm in another trio for the rest of the transfer, two weeks left. The new guy is Elder Arroyo, from Guatemala, he's a stud, and he knows a good amount of English, and wants to learn more, we help each other. Pretty much every Latino here wants to learn English. 

Something I thought about this week was, if people don't know where they came from, and they don't know where they're going, how can they succeed? Something to ponder about.
Also, if you guys have any opportunities to work with the missionaries, do it! Find the ward or stake missionaries, and let them know your available to help teach. Through members is where we find the actual converts, that goes for anywhere. That's my challenge!

Right now, we have about 15 investigators, mas or menos (more or less.) One family were teaching is the family Gallegos. Super awesome family with 2 sons. They are wonderful, I teared testifying to them twice, and they came to church. They always offer us food and water each time, this is where i got my love for mangos, or found it more so
Well, things are going well. Oh, also, on Saturday, a member offered us cooked grasshoppers, and that was one thing I will not eat, everyone else did, ehhhh.  Have a great week, and if y'all have any questions for me, I'd love to answer them, haha! 
Big pack of letters from home!!! Best thing ever to get.

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  1. Yes, this is hard to believe that you've already hit your two month mark! I hope the Gallegos get baptized soon. Keep up the great work that you're doing!