Monday, January 9, 2017

Finding the Prepared to Teach

We had a nice week, and now were entering into the last week of the change, again! I'm quite positive Ill be going to another area, I have almost 7 months here!

Right now, were teaching Jose, who lives alone, speaks a little English, and is intelligent. Two visits ago, we gave him the BOM and we talked a lot about it this last visit with the plan of salvation. 

He's starting to really see the need and importance of the BOM. That they both testify of Christ and His doctrine, and that they complete each other. Its so great to find people like him to teach. He has tons of great questions, and a constant intrigue of what we teach him. The best is that the spirit always helps us to answer well, each one of his questions.

I'm so grateful that I have 3-4 hours in the mornings to study the pure doctrine of Christ. studying the gospel is so important! I hope you all have a great week this week, and well catch ya next time!


Elder Russon

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  1. That's a nice picture of you and the other missionaries eating around the table!