Monday, January 23, 2017

Busy, Busy, Busy

This week literally flew by! We've been traveling more to help the other missionaries and coordinate. Its been cool this week, 'cuz I can see the progress of the whole district, and help them more. 

Tons of things happened this week, but the best part is that Elder Hernandez, Romero, and I get along very well, yep, I'm in a trio for a fourth time!

This new week will be extra busy, 'cuz we have the worldwide broadcast for missionaries, and who knows what else will happen this week. I just hope I can learn and do all that I need to in the little time that there is. Everything is going quite well!

One thing I continue to learn is the importance of our testimonies. I worry a little that in my district, there isn't TONS of motivation, but more of a ''well I'm here 'cuz there are rules and numbers I need.'' When we have a testimony super big, that's when all of us are super pumped and motivated to work hard and do whatever is necessary. It's important we always nourish our testimonies from three things most important, pray, study, and attend church!

Have a fantastic week! And tune into the Missionary Broadcast on Wednesday at 10 if you'd like!


Elder Russon

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