Monday, November 13, 2017

Una Buena Semana!

This week we went to the government offices asking for a place we could give English classes for free. At first they didn't know anything, but we left our phone number for them to call us. Literally five minutes after leaving, they called us and wanted us to look for 3 houses to rent and present them to them. They want to rent us a house and provide chairs, white board, etc. So we can give English classes! I was so surprised but we're super pumped. But it's been a tad bit hard to find a house in rent here, but we're determined! Hopefully it will be a great way to find new investigators.

On Saturday, we had a baptism of Alex Hernandez. He's 10 and he's a great kid. He was ready to be baptized along with his 8 year old sister! Also, on Sunday after they were confirmed the Holy Ghost by their Dad, Manuel was ordained a Priest and given the Priesthood! It was also our first Sunday in the newly remodeled chapel. The very first chapel I attended arriving to the misión, it was expanded and updated a lot!

We're excited for Mario, a super great investigator we recently found from a member reference. After a week, he's already reading in 2 Nephi, and he's come to church already two times, which he loves. He's excited to be baptized for December 16th, and he needs to get married, but we already have plans for that and he's excited. It's awesome to get to know people like that. He also speaks perfect English 'cuz he was born in the U.S. and lived there several years.


Elder Russon


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