Monday, November 27, 2017

News Update

We did the Tianguis again this last week and it worked out much better. We arrived earlier for a better spot, and from 1198 contacts, we had almost a hundred people sign up for English classes! I love doing Tianguis, I contacted 200 people, but another Elder beat me. Elder Raven (new Elder) contacted 285 people by himself!

This week I'd like to share about service. I've really been able to notice a difference between people who worry about themselves, and those who worry about others. It's very obvious that those who are more worried about others always have a smile on their faces, and are well better off. But those who are only worried for themselves seem to have more challenges in life.

It's when we sacrifice and serve others that make us so much happier. Every time I see or hear of someone sacrificing for the good, it fills my heart full of joy and I want to encourage them to keep going! I hope we can all reflect a little on our own lives and see where we can improve, we can all help out a little more!

Elder Russon

P-Day BBQ!

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