Monday, December 4, 2017

English Classes!

Lazer tag for P-day!
So this was the first time I've ever given English clases, and it was great! From the Tianguis that we've been doing, we had 15-20 people show up for the class all on time at 6. I was pretty happy about that, and I gave the class for about an hour. We practiced and learned the alphabet in English. I also told them a little bit about me and how I learned Spanish, and what we do as missionaries.

They were all interested, and I let them know that the clases are totally focused on English, but if they want to learn more about our beliefs, they can stay after to listen. So we had a lesson with one guy all in English about what we do as missionaries, and he was real interested. Also, some other people stayed after for a Ward Christmas party that was going on. So it turned out to be a success!

They all thanked us for helping out, and I'm excited to take it even further. It's a great way to find new investigators.
We were also able to watch the Worldwide Christmas Devotional yesterday with some members, and it was great. Now I can say I'm in the Christmas spirit. Hope you all have a great holiday season, with some great snow!

Elder Russon


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