Sunday, May 15, 2016

Mission Field is Next Week!

So, Ive been here for almost six weeks now. This Monday morning at 530 am, I'm headed to my actual mission. Im excited for all its going to bring, but Im keeping in mind any challenges that might come up. Last Friday, I started getting sick, and I still have a slight cough, ugh, so annoying, but estabien. Our trio companionship is better, our district is great, we act like siblings. Its going to be hard to say goodbye to everyone, and the CCM. Today, we started packing, didn't take very long.

The time has flown by, but, most importantly, I was able to call home for Mother's day. That was super nice, it was 30 minutes, probably the fastest 30 min of my entire life. I'm so glad that I'm able to do emails every week at least. It was so nice to hear my family's voice.

So I found out that I'm taking a bus, all 7 of us, to Queretaro on Monday. Its about a 3 hour drive, only a couple more days. Its a big blessing that I don't have to fly, or else I would have to pay extra fees for my luggage, because of weight for a carry on. It didn't matter coming here, but now your carry on has to be under 22 pounds. Glad I'm not flying, my luggage would've been way over cuz I only have one suitcase and one carryon.

So on Sunday night, at 2:37 am, the earthquake alarm went off. It wasn't very loud for us, but I immediately woke up and grabbed my companions, and our whole casa went outside. We waited for about 15 minutes, actually we locked ourselves out, oops. But nothing happened. Apparently there was an earthquake in Oaxica that triggered the alarm. Elder Vea and I were hoping for some action, but nada. 

So for these last two weeks, we were supposed to be speaking solo español. We tried, but its too easy to speak english with each other. However, I have learned mucho español, and I feel like I could survive if I had to converse with only latinos forever. Our teacher thinks that within 1 to 2 months from now, well have the language down, he said our Spanish is good. 

Also, so far, Ive already gone through two whole brand new pens, Ive been writing a lot, especially in my journal. There is so much that happens on the mission. Also, another missionary (hermana), had to leave home, thats the third one now, just goes to show how much pressure there is to serve a mission. 

Something I thought about, It can be hard to grow up in the church, surrounded by mormons everywhere. You don't necessarily experience anything but the church, so its hard to determine between the good and the evil, because all you've known is life in the church. It is so important to develop your own testimony. Just because you grew up in the church, doesn't meant you automatically have a testimony. It's something you build, and have to find for yourself. I think that's what happens to a lot of teenagers, but we can always pray with faith to know the truth for our selves, and search the endless teachings from the prophets, scriptures, etc. The gospel is true. I Know it is, but it is so vital to gain a testimony for yourself. It may take a while, but if you have faith, I know God will answer you on His time, which is best for you because He is perfect, and Knows all.

Thank you guys for all your support, I love the letters, keep them up. If any of you have questions for me, feel free! Love you all, and have another great week! Next time I'll be in Queretaro!

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  1. As I'm writing this comment, you are on the bus right now headed to Queretaro. I can hardly believe your time in the CCM is now over. I have one question for you. Is Elder Vea going with you on the bus to your mission? Dad wishes you a safe ride and a wonderful day today. You'll get to meet your new mission president and your new companion. And, you'll get to find out where you'll be living. I can't wait for your next update!