Saturday, May 28, 2016

WOW, what a week!


The mission is WOW! This past week has been pretty hard, stretching, and lots to take in. Its hard to go throughout most of the day not understanding a ton or being able to speak a lot. My Spanish is getting better, but its hard to understand people when they speak super fast with an accent. But, I was in a lesson, and understood about 65 %, and i taught about the fall of Adam and Eve, That was great. 

This past week, I've probably been in 12 lessons'ish, more to come though. Ive met a lot of people. The first day was hard, pretty homesick, but once I made friends, and got into a routine, things are much better. I'm just worried about the 22 months left, but I know if I forget myself and got to work, the time will fly. Right now, I'm doing much better. 
Out here in Mexico, its pretty eye opening, and it makes me so much more grateful for the life in Provo. I'm learning to rely on Jesus Christ completely. Unless someone has served a mission, they can't comprehend the things that you go through. Its an experience you have to experience for yourself. But, I'm doing much better now, and I'm excited to bring other unto Christ.

Also, I shared my testimony and invited a family to be baptized, in Spanish, and they said yes. The spirit was there, and the mom started crying. That was a cool experience, the investigators and members are nice, they always give us food and juice. Things are great, lots more to learn, but the time will fly.

Sorry for not responding to all of you, I'm so grateful for all your emails, don't stop sending them! I just run out of time with how busy everything is, but thank you personally to each of you! Have a great week!
Elder Russon 

From an email with my mom:

Alright, first off, I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU! Right now I'm sitting literally 10 feet away from the busy street in a random small store writing emails that charges by the hour, but everything is cheap here. My apartment is super nice, washing machines, microwave, and jumbo, two stories, like 6 rooms, and only four of us now. But the other two that live here are secretaries, one is from Lindon, he's sweet, and the other and my comp are from Mexico. I like the house, but its still in the ghettos. I eat my own cereal and fruit and juice for breakfast, we mostly eat with members for lunch, or buy something like 2 times a week, and dinner I eat some small frozen pizzas that I bought and some juice or whatever. Lunch is at like 3 and dinner at like 9.
FYI: My co-worker is from Mexico and I asked her what pastor meat was. She said that pastor meat (she pronounced it pahs-tor with more emphasis on second syllable and a good roll of 'r') is pork, vertical spit-roasted with onion and pineapple and spices like guajillo chiles and achiote (a seed from a shrub/tree.) Then it's shaved very thinly and served on a soft tortilla (similar to  a greek gyro.) She said they are typically small and very delicious.

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  1. I loved hearing your story about offering the baptismal challenge to that family. And, they accepted. Keep up the great work! So, when you send emails to us you're doing this from a store where they charge by the hour to use the computer. Is this right? Are the two other missionaries who live in your apartment working at the Mission Office as secretaries? Dad hopes you have a great week, and I can't wait for your next letter!