Monday, November 7, 2016

My New Son!

Elder De Leon will be heading home soon!
Oct 31, 2016

Just 2 more hours before I get to meet my new trainee!

Last Thursday, I went to a conference at President's house with all of the other trainers. I wrote, learned, and applied several things that I want to do this change. We were trained well on how to train new missionaries. We also probably ate the best meal I've eaten my whole mission! Mainly from Costco, and I don't believe there was an ounce of chile or spicy things, so that was awesome!

This past week, we've been contacting a lot. We need new investigators, so I'm really learning how to contact better, and building more confidence to do it. Last Saturday, from talking to people on the street, knocking on doors, we contacted about 20 people. And man...contacting takes SOOO much energy out of you, it's great, but it's hard too.

I can't believe my companion Elder De Leon is probably heading home in 3 weeks. I'm excited I get to finish his mission with him. And I'm really excited to train this new Elder! Once again, I'm going to learn a  bunch more this change. 

This past week, I also received another package from my Dad! And I got 2 pounds of licorice, wooohooo! (Licorice is non-existent here...:) Anyways, all goes well! 

I pray that each of you will have a wonderful week!


Elder Russon

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  1. I wishyou the very best as you look for new investigators!