Monday, April 17, 2017

A Miracle Baptism

On Wednesday, our investigator Ana called me and said something urgent happened, and wanted us to come over. We got to her house, and she immediately began crying as she told us that her boyfriend she was living with took all his stuff, left a note, and left for Mexico City in the morning. She was really sad, but my companion Elder Ledesma started comforting and teaching her about Jesus Christ.

After he spoke, the thought of Baptism was just running into my head, and I told her that. She said she was thinking a lot about that too. So I simply invited her to be baptized, and she was thrilled saying, 'Sure! Whenever, what day?' So that was an awesome experience. On Friday, she had her baptismal interview, and on Thursday she was baptized by the first Elder that she met, Elder Ramirez. Then the Bishop confirmed her on Sunday, so that was super awesome! A Miracle Baptism!

Yesterday, I had a pretty cool experience translating all of sacrament meeting to English for a guy from Utah who is traveling for work (Honda.) As I translated for the Patriarch, he shared the story of when Jesus Christ was talking with Peter, 'Peter, do you love me?' And he responded, 'Lord, thou knowest that I love you.' As I translated that whole story, I felt the spirit so strong, I felt it run directly through me as I testified of it, super cool experience.

This week has gone well, rather fast, packed with several different things going on. Something I'm seeing more is that the miracles come more often when we strive to contact, which is when we are showing our faith to God that we want to find and teach His children, and we want to do His will. That is when He blesses us. I KNOW this is the Church of Jesus Christ upon the earth, and I hope you all have a Great week!


Elder Russon

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