Monday, April 24, 2017

Getting to Work!

Well I don't have much to say either then, wow...this week flew by! We did divisions with the assistants, and it went very well. I went with Elder Pivaral to his area and he taught me something cool and simple. He told me, "Don't fear, because that is against the Faith." That was something I needed to hear, and it's some great and simple advice for everyone!

My companion and I are working well, I can tell you it sure is hard sometimes, especially when there is absolutely no one who is home or that wants to listen to us. But it's okay, we're ready as God's servants for those who want to learn about God and the gospel of Jesus Christ!

This Saturday, we're going to have something called a 'Noche Blanca!' Its where a bunch of missionaries get together to have several baptisms together. So, all the missionaries from Queretaro are going, 3 stakes, and about 64 missionaries. There will be about 35 to 40 baptisms! We as the Zone Leaders are going to be working extra hard to get investigators ready and find more for the Noche Blanca! Its going to be huge and awesome!!!

Who knows what kind of trials you are going through in your life right now, but one piece of advice is WORK! Satan uses against us to be lazy, which is one of his greatest tools, but we didn't come to this earth to just sit at home, "Hay que trabajar!" We've all gotta work! I hope you all have a great week!


Elder Russon


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