Monday, May 1, 2017

La Noche Blanca!

On Saturday, the three zones in Queretaro had a "White Night"! There were 32 baptisms in one night. It was a pretty great program, we sang as a missionary choir a obout 60 missionaries a Prpphets prayer, and families can be together forever. At the end, the family Mejorada arrived, the old mission president and his family, it was unbelievable. We all went and said hi, and talked a bit. Overall, it was a great night!

I want to share something of what our bishop shared with the ward council yesterday. He talked about our spiritual level, and the importance of keeping it high so we don't lose our testimony. If we don't strive to feel the spirit, our testimony grows weak, and we soon become slow to prayer, reading the scriptures, and attending church. And when we do that, we've lost our testimony of Christ's restored church upon the earth. It is incredibly important that we always strive to keep our testimonies alive. I'm sure we've all been at points in our lives when our testimonies are weak, and we think that we can't go on. But I promise you that it is worth it to take another step, to keep trying to move forward and trying to feel the spirit. It's not easy, but it welcome. I know it because I know that God love's His children!

Something cool that happened this past week is that they dropped the required assistance to church, for investigators to be baptized from 5 to 3. So now there will be even more baptisms! We just have to be sure that they are truly ready for their baptism!

The times is honestly flying way too fast, and I feel like finishing the mission is just around the corner. But there's lots more work to do. We're all in this work together, and we can't forget the commandments and covenants we've made with God. We must serve til the end!


Elder Russon

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  1. I loved seeing that picture of all the wonderful people you baptized in one night!