Monday, May 15, 2017

Work Week

This week has gone by rather fast and hard. We’ve been very busy with many things like divisions and trying to find new investigators mainly. We've walked so many miles in the baking sun, knocking doors, giving out pass along cards, etc. All in hopes of finding someone. But this week, hasn’t had so much luck. We found one new investigator.

But, we will be very focused this week on finding new investigators through the many references that the ward gave us, which was great. Ive really learned that we cant have investigators in church, with a baptismal date, or baptisms, if we don’t have new investigators. We ALWAYS have to keep finding new people to teach!

The phone call home for Mother’s Day was interesting, but turned out very well. It feels rather normal to talk to them face to face in the feeling that not much has changed, even though in reality, so many things have changed.

We have transfers the end of this week. Most of our zone will have transfers, so well be busy on Monday.
I'm excited to see what new changes will come.

Not many new things going on other than that. Thanks for all your support and things you do for others. I hope you all have a fantastic week!


Elder Russon
Elder Campos

Elder Malerva

Water Balloon Volleyball with the district...

...and Little Cesar's Pizza!

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