Monday, May 22, 2017

Changes, We got changes!

Elder Rowley
Hey y'all!

This week flew by and yesterday we got our changes for the mission. Honestly, during the day I forgot several times that the change was over and that it was already time for changes again. We weren't expecting any changes for us, but in the end, we had changes. I'm staying here another change as Zone Leader with Elder Rowley, who goes home this change. He's from Lehi, Utah, and we were in the same district for 4 changes in a row a while back. He's pretty cool, we'll have a sweet change together!

This week Elder Ledesma and I had lots of success. We've been contacting 15 contacts almost every day and have been working on teaching Impact Lessons. These 2 things are super important to be able to baptize. It's something that I finally learned last week when one of the assistants came to work with us for a day. They baptized 10 or 11 last change, which is a TON! And now I'm starting to apply it more effectively, and we'll be teaching it to our zone. 8 of the 9 companionship's had changes this time, and I'm super pumped to see what this change will bring us! To baptize, baptize, BAPTIZE!!!

Anyways, things are going well, the time is just Flying by. I can't believe its almost been two months since I completed the year mark on the mission. But things are going well, love you guys tons!


Elder Russon

Elder Ledesma

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  1. I really hope you enjoy your new companion, Elder Rowley. I know you guys have been doing a lot of contacting lately, and you are having lots of success because of it - keep going!