Monday, April 3, 2017

General Conference 2017 And The Year Mark!

This week went very well. I went to prepare my visa for renewal at immigration in Queretaro. They fixed a problem, and this week I should be getting my new visa for another year! Can’t believe I’ve reached the half way mark.

Along with that of course is the BIG TALK – CoNfErEnCe!!! Some super great talks. I felt that everyone who spoke invited us to repent, testified of God’s Plan, and asked us to practice Faith in God and Jesus Christ. They always purify the doctrine and prevent us from contaminating it. They stressed about resisting temptation, being worthy, etc. Our goal is to return to live with God for eternal life, and that is what truly matters. But to accomplish that we must exercise Faith and Repent. It was a great Conference!


Elder Russon

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