Monday, March 27, 2017

Service, Working with Members, and Missionary Activities

This week, we had our Family History activity, but only 15 members came and one investigator. But we really didn’t have much time to plan and give time for people to really consider coming. But the other thing is that people really don’t want commitments, which is super difficult, because we are a covenant making people, all we do is make commitments with people to come closer to Christ. Anyways, we’ll try it again in the future and improve on committing people with more time.

So just thinking this week, I really feel that we need to focus more on finding ways to give service, working better with the members for references, and having more missionary activities. Three ways we can find more people. We’re really focused on just finding people to teach.

So things are going pretty well. I keep thinking more about ways that I can  progress and become better. I realize more how important it is that we progress in this life. We never reach a certain level in life where we can say we made it, I’ve done all I can. There will always be something more we can do to become better. We’re here to be tried and progress, to show we want to follow God, and that is all that matters.

General conference is this weekend, and I’m PuMpEd!!! I encourage all of you to sincerely pray and fast to receive help in your trials that you’re facing, and I know of a surety that if you do, there will be something that can help you from conference this weekend!

We’ll catch y'all after a great conference weekend! Enjoy!


Elder Russon

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