Monday, October 9, 2017

I ate Octopus!

We had Stake Conference this week which was nice, both Saturday night and Sunday morning. And of course after the first sesión, the family that gave us a ride to the chapel invited us to eat. And we arrived and I sat down to a soup bowl of camarones. Which had a clam, octopus legs, shrimp, other things and vegetables. So I ate the vegetables and the octopus and it doesn't taste bad, it's just the thought is weird.

We did divisions with Villas and Valle 2 this week. I went with Elder Gabriel to his área and we walked all over trying to find future investigators, but not much luck. So we contacted. We broke my record of contacts in one day from 101 and we did 136 that day. He's new in the misión and he's doing great. The new guys always have a bunch of motivation and hope!

We've been trying to work better with the members. We're offering service to be able to ask for references to visit. We want to find part member families to be able to baptize. We had a cool thing happen yesterday. A member called me and said his friend was listening to the missionaries before but he lost contact when he moved. So we set up an appointment with him for tonight. He sounds like a good guy and we hope to baptize him! God always brings the miracles right in the perfect momento!

Brothers and Sisters, the Church is true, it is of Jesus Christ!


Elder Russon

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  1. Good job eating octopus! I also liked seeing all those pesos on the table.