Monday, October 23, 2017

Never Give Up

I think sometimes the hardest thing in life is enduring to the end, whatever it may be. But as the scriptures say, we must have faith in God, that He will provide us a way to obey His commandments, which are many to protect us. I love the scripture in D&C 6:36 that says the words, Doubt not, Fear not. God always knows our needs and how to help us, so we can only trust and rely on Him, and Never, Never give up!

This week went well, we finished the last two divisions with the missionaries in the zone, and they're some great missionaries. We're still working hard with the members, getting to know them and serve them so we can work better with the Ward. Little by little we can see little miracles working in our área.

Right now we're focused on one investigator, Fabiola who came to church for her second time yesterday, and looks like she's starting to progress, which is awesome. We have a few more on the radar, but more than anything need to continue finding new investigators.

I love being a part of the missionary work, and worry when I think about not being in it full time. There truly are so many blessings for doing it, so much happiness, and there aren't any personal worries, it's fantastic. Honestly, Vale la Pena! (worth it)


Elder Russon
Object Lesson - Serving Others

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  1. I love your message about never giving up when the going gets tough. We need to always hang in there and keep going. And, God will help us if we obey Him.