Monday, October 30, 2017

Zone Conference

This week we had our zone conference with President. He taught us a lot about the Book of Mormon and that we need to read it daily. We analyzed the talk from President Monson in April about the Book of Mormon and the promises he gave us if we read it daily. Then we saw the talks from President Eyring and Nelson who both followed the challenge from President Monson and studied the Book of Mormon more carefully and how it has changed their lives.

There are four promises given to us if we read it daily. One, we'll hear the voice of the spirit more easily. Two, we'll resist temptation. Three, overcome doubt and fear. And four, we'll receive help from heaven in our personal lives. I focused my studies much more on the Book of Mormon this week and I can testify that these promises are true. We should all study it carefully, because it's honestly super cool!

Other than that, we went to the tianguis this week to help out with a project involving about 10 missionaries. You'll have to look up what a tianguis is, it's like a flee market I think (open air street market.) But we had a stand there with Books of Mormon, pamphlets, cards, and a tv playing church videos. Then the rest of us would go out and contact people directing them to the stand. It was the first time ever done, and in the end, there were about 30 people who signed up for English classes. We'll probably do it again next week and improve a few things for even better results, but that was pretty awesome. We each contacted between 50 and 100 people in a matter of hours.


Elder Russon

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  1. The Book of Mormon is such an incredible book. This wonderful book gives us so much to think about and reminds us of what we should be doing everyday.